Friday, August 16, 2013


Well it certainly feels like Spring is on the way around here.  Today the wind is blowing a gale, even though the sky is blue and the sun is out, it is still chilly, but there is a definite touch of Spring.

I have been planting some colourful Primulas around the garden, as part of my effort to have a cutting garden this Spring/Summer. I really love all the lovely shades of pink they come in, and I think I should be able to make some cute posies including these.  I have also planted a big bed of Iceland Poppies, but they will take a bit longer to get to flowering size.  My ranunculus and freesia bed is growing nicely, so I am hoping for lots of flowers.

Other bits and pieces.......I love these mini daffodils, they have come up nice and thick this year, lots of gorgeous flowers......

.......the snowdrops are out under the flowering cherry, I think I might divide them this year and spread them around some other parts of the garden........

......and I have masses of different jonquils coming out all over the place, lovely!  I think I was a bit random in my planting of these over the years, I have them coming up in some very odd spots!....
It really makes me feel rich being able to go out to the garden and pick a big bunch of something for the house.  Simple pleasures like this really put a smile on my face......  

....and look what I dug up yesterday, 5kg of fresh Kipfler potatoes! Yum!  Even better because these were from potato plants that came up by themselves, left overs from last years crop.   These were growing in my raised apple crate garden boxes, and didn't get frosted off like the potatoes that tried to grow in the ground.  Something to remember for the future when I want to grow winter potatoes .

Life has been hectic recently, and I love to get out in the garden and see what has been growing even with very little attention from me!  I think it is time I put more effort into my 'simple living' goals, I do find a lot of satisfaction in growing and making things, I've just got to keep my goals in mind even when life is busy, busy, busy! 
 I am currently spending a lot of time on the computer trying to move my yarn store onto an Australian hosting site, so quite a steep learning curve for this non techy brain!  Luckily they have a very patient guy on the help desk who has been helping me out, I think I am nearly there!

Anyhoo, that's all I have for today, what have you been up to?



  1. Hi Jules,Such lovely flowers to grow for the vase!!!Nothing cheers up a room more than a vase of fresh flowers!!!Have a supa weekend!!!

  2. Hi Jules
    It's so lovely to see your pictures of spring flowers - so strange to see when we are in the middle of the best summer we've had in ages !
    Happy gardening
    Kate x

  3. cool potatoes! never seen this kind before!

  4. How wonderful to see the Spring flowers blooming, while here in the UK summer is having it's final fling ~ Sarah x

  5. It's nice to find little surprises in the garden. Good luck with your store.

  6. Pretty flowers - I'll bet your yard is just beautiful. :)

  7. Wow what a spud haul. I love it when you get something for free. Jo x

  8. Julie this post has me longing for home even more. The Primulas are beautiful and you're so right. You do feel rich being able to go out into the garden and pick an armful of blooms or dig up buried treasure in spuds.
    Although you are a different climate form NE Vic, I'm sure I'll see alot of things blooming when I get home.....happy, happy...

    Enjoy your weekend and all the best with the techy computer skills, it's all good.

    Claire x

  9. I love your flowers such beautiful colours - they have inspired some lovely yarn combinations. Hope you have a good week x


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