Monday, August 19, 2013

New Shop Yarn - Loyal dk

Shades of blue, Loyal DK


I have been busy recently changing my yarn shop from an American hosting site (Storenvy) to an  Australian one (Spiffy Stores), and I am happy to say that I think we are good to go!  Storenvy have been great, it was really simple to use and set up, the drawback was that it only deals with US dollars, which was becoming a headache with exchange rates varying so often.  So this Australian one should be nice and simple and all in Australian dollars, so much easier to manage.

It is a little bit different to navigate, but it seems clear enough to me, if you have a look, I'd love to hear what you think!

Anyway, I thought I would share a bit of a colour hit with you, it is miserable and cold here today, so this is just the thing to brighten my day!  Here's something for the colour lovers out there, loud and bright!

This is a new yarn to Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store and I am loving all the beautiful vibrant colours!  It is the Loyal DK machine washable 100% wool from Naturally Yarns in NZ.  It is a great priced pure wool and I am finding it a lovely wool to use for crocheting and I think it would be perfect knitted up into children's wear or blankets.  But look at the colours!  Such a lovely rainbow of shades, and this isn't even the whole range!

Blues and greens, Loyal DK
 I  particularly like all the blues and greens and sea colours, there are quite a ferw to choose from!

Warm shades Loyal DK
 There are quite a lot of warm purples and deep rosey shades too, I don't often use these colours in my things, but I think I might try and come up with something to expand my colour palette.

I am thinking there are heaps of great colour combos here for my wheels within wheels blanket centres,   I think the grey will off set the colour explosion nicely.  Or maybe a gorgeous granny striped crochet blanket?

 I have some other gorgeous yarn to show you tomorrow, something very lush!  I am so loving having this little yarn store, being surrounded by all this colour and beautiful yarn is making me want to crochet all day long!  :)

If you would like to see more, feel free to have a look at my shop over here!

Have you ever used Loyal DK before?
What's your favourite go-to yarn at the moment?

Thanks for stopping by, talk soon!



  1. Hi Jules...I've just been window shopping at your new's very easy to navigate..well done!

  2. Wow Jules, this is a gorgeous yarn. Beautiful colors!
    I'll go take a looks at your shop :)

  3. nice colors!! what are the weights of these yarn? sport or worsted? jus wondering

    1. These yarns are DK weight, which is 8ply equivalent here in Australia, I think it is in between sports and worsted.. J x

  4. Beautiful eye candy. Love your choices

  5. Oh Loyal is my favourite wool since returning to live in NZ!

  6. Being a New Zealander, I have used loyal wool a lot - it does knit up beautifully and is very well priced too! I try so hard to buy and knit with NZ wool so much. Naturally does lots of other beautiful yarns too.

  7. I have bought Loyal wool when in NZ and think the colours are great. I gave you a little write up on my appreciation of receiving wool from you! Thankyou again, Mrs A

  8. You have such an eye for colours, the colours look fab!

  9. I love yarn! These images look great, love all the colours together!

  10. Ooooh, so many pretties! Am off to have a look at your shop now. Do you ship to the UK?

    1. Hi catralense, Yep, I'm happy to ship to the UK! J xx

  11. You have a beautiful shop! Am glad i have found you. Will be shopping sometimes soon, but need to get things going with my current yarn stash. Am new to crochet and knitting.. Love your blog! Visit me at


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