Monday, July 8, 2013

Yarny news.....

Hello!  How was your weekend? Our's was a good one, quite relaxing after a bit of a stressful week.  I have had a few worries on my mind recently, and I think one of them is starting to be resolved. Yay!
There seems to always be something to worry about when you have children, as they get older the worries just seem to get more adult!  You better watch out, or I might write about them here and pick all of your brains for answers!

Anyway, I had a bit of fun the other day playing with some new yarns for my shop.  This little addition to the range are called Merino Flecks, lovely 100% wool, 8ply with some subtle natural coloured flecks through the yarn.    I think these flecky yarns would make a lovely stripey blanket with a more earthy feel. 
I really like the grey/blue sea colour and the grassy green. (and the red!)

.....then I started playing around with a few other colour schemes, 
I like these pretty romantic colours in Merino Magic 8ply......

...and these three soft shades work well together, maybe throw in a cream as well.....

....and then I put all of the Merino Magic's together for a little group yarny goodness!

I could play around with wool all day!  
I am thinking of changing the shopping platform that I am running my shop through to one based in Australia, I am finding dealing in US dollars a bit of a head ache, so I think this will be my next step.  I like how having this little yarn shop is making me think like a shop keeper, I don't think I have got the set up right yet, so there is plenty of room for improvements and trying new things out until I find the right fit for me!  There is a definite learning curve!

In the mean time, with the exchange rate like it is, if you are in Australia and would like to order in Australian dollars, feel free to email me your order and I will send a paypal invoice in Australian dollars. (The prices will be the same as in the shop, ie, $5.30 or $ 6.10)  Is that confusing? Sorry!

I'll show you some crochet progress later this week, my 'wheels' squares are motoring along nicely!

Have a great day!


  1. yes, lovely yarn!!!!
    have a good week, xxxx Ale

  2. Hmm it looks really good!
    aren't there any platforms (like etsy but maybe cheaper for upload and stuff) that automatically convert valuta? That would probably be the most easy when you have an international crowd to sell to :)

  3. Yummy colors and that's it! yes, a throw will be incredible with them!
    Have a nice day!

  4. I love those yarns! They are really beautiful. Unfortunately the shipping to the UK is prohibitive, otherwise I would be ordering those straight away!

  5. So love the bottom picture-all the colours! My Sea Glass Granny was finally delivered to my girl friend today, it's her birthday!! I had to really hold out not to give it to her early! She LOVED it! Good luck finding a different 'shop' platform, it probably would be easier, however I have always been thrilled to have my orders within a couple of days of ordering! What about a straight website type shop???

  6. Hello, These yarns look so nice and cute, ,I want them very much,have a good week and weather, greet from ania in ITALY,


  8. Hi, I've been following your blog for awhile and love all your projects. The colors you choose are so uplifting. I also love all the yarn in your shop. Good Luck with your adventure and as far as children, well let's just say I can relate as adults it seems to be even more work.

  9. Hi There,Love-love-love-LOVE the colors!!!!Really lovely yarns!!!Can't wait to see your wheels in a square project!!!
    Have a happy week!!!

  10. ooooooh, i like like this yarn, love the colour combinations, x


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