Friday, July 12, 2013

Holiday ramble

Hello, how are you all today?  We are onto the last day of the school holidays here, the time with the boys at home always seems to fly, even when we are doing nothing much.
It has been lovely and sunny and clear the past week ( but very cold!) so my friend and I took our boys for a bit of a walk at the Cape Schanck National Park.  There are lots of different walks you can do from the carpark, but the kids wanted to do the Pebbley beach one which takes you down a long boardwalk of stairs and ends up down on the beach at the point.  We have done this walk before and it is fun and not too long.

........this is looking to the right of the point and starting down the stairs.....

....then the path turns and and you head down the left side of the ridge.......

....and you end up on this stoney beach.......

....the boys had fun doing a bit of rock climbing, and we went for a bit of a clamber around the cliff bases checking out the rock pools and jumping from boulder to boulder, it is a great area to explore.....

....more rock climbing......

.....I don't know how they managed to get up there!  Adventurous boys!  It made me realise how safe our everyday lives have become, I was having a quiet freak out seeing them so high up on the rocks, but I tried to let them have their fun without too much interference from me, I think it is good for boys to learn how to take risks within reason, ( although I couldn't help myself telling them the consequences of slipping would not be good!  I got the ' Don't worry mum we'll be careful' line in return)

 It was a really pleasant way to spend a couple of hours, and the boys enjoyed the bit of extra freedom, even if I had to bribe them to come with fish and chips for lunch!  This area is really spectacular and rugged, you can see right around the coast line, it was good to visit mud week, as the weekends can get very crowded and there is not the same sense of peace and islotaion.  I think we might do a longer walk next time and visit some of the other secluded beaches along the coast. other news, we had a new little character join our family last week end, this is Attila the Kitten! 
(Andre named him)  We promised Andre that he could get a kitten for his birthday, so it was time to make good the promise.  I have to say, I didn't think I was a cat person, (they used to give me hay fever so I'd steer clear of cats), but this little guy is very cute!  He has a real personality, and does lots of funny things that keep us amused, I think I might be converting!  The boys love him already, Andre especially.
We got him from the RSPCA centre in Pearcedale, so it feels good that we can give him a home, otherwise his future might not have been so clear.  He seems to really like people and likes sitting with the boys on the couch and fighting with my scrap box of wool, many hours of entertainment to be found with a box of wool!

So what have you been up to this week? 
Getting any crafty action?  I've been doing a bit of crochet, but I haven't taken pictures yet, so I'll show you all next time.

Have a great day!



  1. First so many beautiful views to enjoy and then that darling kitten. Congrats on the new family member.

  2. Hey Julie, what a wonderful day for a ramble, love exploring rockpools too.
    Did you take some crochet to do while the boys climbed rocks?
    Attila is so cute, they are great little time wasters!! You'll have lots of fun with him, but
    keep your crochet out of the way......
    Enjoy the wekeend,

    Claire x

  3. I always loved to have those kinds of days with my boys..and one girl..too! Thankfully all their bones survived intact with the climbing. The only breaks we ever got were from skateboards and hockey!

  4. Very cute kitten. Yes, they are great for entertainment purposes.

  5. Gosh Cape Schanck, I have been often over the last 5 decades lol. And when I was young like your
    boys, there was no stairs/no timber path, just sand and rock and heaps of little crabs down on
    sand/water area. Love your kitten, so much fun ahead for you all.

  6. Hi Jules,Such a beautiful spot!!!But it does look very cold!!!Clearly the boys had a fun adventure!!!Keep warm and have a happy weekend!!!

  7. Aww, what a gorgeous little man (and a fab name)! Kittens and yarn - they never fail to amuse :)

  8. Hi Jules , What a cute cat - Ginger Tom's are the best. I also just wanted to say that I am currently working on a stripey blanket that I was inspired to do from looking at all of the beautiful ones you do. I am SO enjoying it, it's very hard to put down isn't it because you keep wanting to see what the next row will look like. So thank you !

  9. What fantasic photos of the beach walk, it looks a lovely coast.
    Your kitty looks adorable, such pretty eyes.

    Sally x

  10. A little warning - lol - we never thought we were cat people either until we got a kitten through much nagging from the kids. We now have three and they are absolutely wonderful - Attila is gorgeous x

  11. That is such beautiful country and good exercise for boys. Your kitty is so cute. I've been doing some crochet too.

  12. Lovely photo's of the beach adventure and Atilla the Kitten such a cutie, my cats 13 now and still finds there lots of fun to be had with scrap of yarn.
    Clare x

  13. Just wonderful ... So glad you had fun xx

  14. What a beautiful place. My kids would love climbing on the rocks. Your new friend is adorable!

  15. What a beautiful place to visit! Sometimes I think we needs a "mom recording" device that just keeps repeating things like "Look out!" and "Be careful!" We could just turn it on and relax (ha!). I think it would have about the same effect as calling this out as often as I do--and it would certainly be about as well regarded!

  16. Attila has a lovely face!

  17. Looks so much fun. Yes, it is so hard to let them go and do climbing rocks as we adults can see all the accidents waiting to happen....I remember so well climbing rocks when I was little with my mother's words "Now be careful" ringing in my ears....not that I intended listening to her!! What a sweet kitten too....hours of pleasure! Joan


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