Monday, June 3, 2013

Yarn news......

Hello.  I don't know where that last week went, it kind of zipped by in a whirl and I didn't get a chance to stop and enjoy the ride, as a result not much blogging action!  I am thinking this week will be a bit more chilled and I will be able to get back on track and do my 'year of happy' posts and a few other things I want to share with you all.

First up though I received a new lot of wool for Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store the other day and  I wanted to show you some lovely new colours I have added to the Merino Magic collection in my shop. I thought we were lacking some warm shades, so I have some beautiful berry shades, a couple of warm orange/ terracotta-y shades that are just lovely and a nice chocolatey brown to  add to the mix.  I think this will create a lot of fun colour play possibilities, and a lot more colour schemes can result. 

I also added a lemon to the Baby Wool 8ply collection, so now there is a nice rainbow of colours available! 

I have some gorgeous new yarns (well, new to me anyway!) planned for my shop, so I hope you like the new additions.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the fantastic crafty ladies who have ordered yarn from my shop, I really appreciate your support and the fact that you chose to shop with me when there are so many ways to buy yarn out there.  Thank you so much!! 

And a big, friendly hello to all the new followers that are reading here, thanks for dropping by and I hope you find something to inspire a bit of crafty action!

I think a thank you giveaway might be in order soon, I can't believe there's nearly 2000 of you out there interested in this little blog!  Amazing, it does give me a little thrill though, so thanks a lot for your encouragement and generous comments and for keeping on coming back here.

Have a great day! 



  1. Very beautiful yarn! I admire the color of the coils. You have already thought of that tie them? Catherine, Russia

  2. Hi Jules, Such yummy berry loveliness!!!Love it!!!Have a colorful week!!!

  3. Such yummy colors... I love it. I'll go take a look at your shop :)

  4. Happy to see your success :) And the yarn colors are really great!

  5. So beautiful colors and the wool looks so soft. I think that is happy for someone to knit with that. Congratulation.Can I have some of them with the post in my country and to pay with card of pay pal?

  6. Such gorgeous yarns in yummy colours x

  7. I love all the scrummy berry colour yarns, I've just been sat out in the garden with my yarn and hook for the first time this year in the UK, such bliss. Glad to hear your blog is going so well.
    Clare x

  8. The yarn looks gorgeous - loving the colour combination in the photographs too.

  9. Love the new colours Jules, I'm making a blanket with similar pink colours from my Stylecraft stash :)

  10. Just opening your blog cheers me! All those luscious balls of yarn, beautifully coloured.


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