Wednesday, June 5, 2013

winter food gardening

Hello, it has been a wintery type of day here, cool and cloudy and damp feeling.  
Good gardening weather.   I took my camera with me to the community garden today 
(Crib Point Community Garden)  and did a bit of snapping, there is so much green in winter, and a surprising number of edibles available at the minute, a lot of brassicas and other wintery type things, parsnips, carrots, swedes etc.
Of course, I have to show you what I saw!
 Let's go for a bit of a wander.... (lot's of pictures to follow! sorry!)

 ....spring onions..... carrot tops.....

 ......vivid lettuce....

.....sugar loaf cabbages.....

....garlic shoots......

.........delicate fennel fronds.......

 .......broadbeans just pushing through.....

.......gorgeous colour........ fennels.....

 .......broccoli heads and more green.....

 ......savoy cabbages.... house experiments, spinach in boxes.....

 ....and out of season beans.....

 .....pumpkins of all types, stored away for winter eating........

.....butter swedes and carrots....

.......lovely lavender.....

.........a warm drink after a bit of work..........

......garlics from last year on our high tech drying wall.....

It was a very pleasant way to spend a few hours this morning, and I came home with a nice big bunch of carrots, beetroots and baby turnips.  I must make more effort to go more regularly, I really feel good about what's going on at the garden, it's a great connecting point for our community.

What have you been up to today? 


  1. What a crop you have there. I haven't even sowed my carrots yet...I think I might be a bit late now.
    Everything looks wonderful x

  2. How wonderful to have a community garden,I do miss having my allotment Iwas so sad to have to give it up due to health reason. I spent some time this morning prepping the widow boxes on the Summerhouse for planting. Slowly a bit at a time I'll get there with the planting
    Clare x

  3. Oh I loved my tour and walk with you! Yummy edibles!! The colors were so vivid and healthy looking greens!
    Great photos.
    Enjoy your week, xoRobin

  4. I love it, and I am so envious, despite my attempts at growing vegetables I have not had much luck. But only yesterday I made my first attempt at improving the soil in what is to be my vegie patch. It is really a flower bed which is weed-ridden and has poor soil. First things first, I need to get rid of the weeds, so I made use of the packing boxes which the dog had ripped to pieces and left all over the back yard. I collected them up and have made an odd patchwork quilt of cardboard and old rags over the length of the bed, carefully arranging them around the couple of silverbeet and broccoli plants I managed to nurture. Once the weeds are under control then I'll focus on soil improvement and fingers crossed I'll be ready for spring planting. Keep showing me all you manage to do and hopefully it will continue to spur me on.
    xXx Helen

  5. That looks like a wonderful garden! I always wished we had a community garden. I don't really have the skills (or space!) to have a big one here. I have, however, been seeing a lot of really beautiful gardens lately on blogs and I must admit that I'm getting inspired to give it a go again. :)

  6. That looks a great place. We have an allotment in the UK so we are watering furiously with a little spell of warm weather. I have been making birthday cards. Did you get your crochet lessons planned out? Jo x

  7. What a wonderful place ... I'm hungry just looking at all that yummy veg. Sarah x

  8. Stunning photos!! Enjoyed visiting very much! Sandy

  9. "What a wonderful place ... I'm hungry just looking at all that yummy vegetables."

    Yeah, I'm hungry just by staring at those photos!


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