Tuesday, June 25, 2013

lovely days....

I have to say, I'm loving Winter so far, the days this week have been pretty much perfect winter days, we have had some gorgeous foggy starts that turn into brilliant sunshine and it is so still!  Yes, it has been very chilly, but that's what all the jumpers we have are for, and I am all for getting cosy and warm in front of a fire too.

I have been trying to make the most of the good weather, I'm sure it won't last long, and have been going down to the beach in the mornings after the boys have left for school and having a longish walk, just soaking up the sun and enjoying a quiet start to the day. ( I am also trying to get a bit more exercise into my day!) It is so peaceful and a good way to declutter the head.  This is the Balnarring beach the other morning, as you can see it's a good place for a bit of solitude, I think I saw two other people on the beach that day!  (I did see three lovely dolphins swimming across the bay, leisurely diving in and out of the water not far from the shore, a real treat ).  Think I will do the same thing tomorrow morning too.  It is also a good reminder of how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful environment, something that is easy to take for granted.

Yesterday Gary had the day off work, so we went for a drive up to Bendigo and I bought some wool from the Knitting Mills, I'm still in a bit of a pastel phase at the moment, but I did also get a nice blue/grey for my new 'wheels in wheels' blanket.  I am going to have a go at turning the circles into squares soon.

Just on another note, I am seeing that Google Reader is shutting up shop in a couple of days, so if you use that reader to check in here, you might have to follow me with Bloglovin' or another blog reader instead to keep getting my posts. I think it will be interesting to see how my visitors here change, I wonder if there will be a big drop off?

Anyway, I will have a nice colourful post for you next, I have been cracking on with my new blanket and am going to show you my progress tomorrow!  (It is too late to take photos here today, but the days will slowly start to get longer from now, we have just passed the winter solstice!)

Have a lovely day, I hope you are enjoying some time outside in beautiful weather too!

Talk soon!



  1. The winter in your part of the world looks magnificent... love all that fog...
    Well, you made me quite anxious now about Google reader. I do have bloglovin too, but I have only 26 followers there... instead of 121 I have on blogger! but may be those are true? :)
    Have a wonderful, color filled day!


  2. Lovely photos. Your winter looks a brighter shade of blue to mine. Not sure what will happen when google reader goes. Might be ok, just like the millennium bug, not a lot happens. I'm not even sure if I use it. I have links embedded in my blog to the ones I read the most and bookmarks for my occasional interest ones.
    S xx

  3. Those beach photos are so beautiful, a wonderful way to start your day.

  4. Peaceful pictures... really nice. We are in the middle of a hot, humid heat wave here in the US! Would trade for a little cool weather right now! :)

  5. Lovely pictures, I am wondering about followers too. Jo x

  6. What a lovely chatty post! Your beach looks gorgeous!

    Eleanor x

  7. The top tow pics look like a mist over Japan! Mysterious and lovely..............

  8. What stunning photo's and walking on the beach a perfect way to start the day, we've just celebrated the summer solitice here blog about it the other day.
    Clare x

  9. Oh lovely beach photos. I'm going to the coast on Friday hoping for a sunny day. Yarn looks lovely too x

  10. What a wonderful way to start your day, with a beach walk.
    Sally x

  11. Hi Jules,
    It sounds strange to hear you talk of winter solstice and the days getting longer - we've just had our summer solstice here in the UK and the days are getting shorter! Still often feels like winter though!!
    Tina x

    PS Love the photos


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