Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Long Weekend Finishing Off......

Hello!  We have just had a lovely long weekend here, it was cold and crisp and clear, perfect Winter weather really.
Gary and I had a great night out with friends on Saturday, something we don't do enough of, (note to self, organise more adult get togethers!), it was really fun! 
Sunday was spent generally mooching about, recovering from a late night and many glasses of wine, so perfect for a spot of gentle crafty activity.
The fact that we also had Monday at home, meant I could really get stuck into finishing off these little decorations, the things I had made all the flowery shaped layers for.

You might recognise these Christmas tree decorations, (I made a couple last year here  and here if you want to see the originals),  and I have to say I am pretty happy how these two turned out, I still love how over the top all the layers look together, and the endless possibilities for colour play.
I think I have made these ones slightly even more over the top with more pompoms than the originals.
These were ordered way back in January, so it is about time they got finished!  (I have made a blanket as well for this order so that took up a fair bit of time too!)  Thanks for your patience Lori!

Sorry for all the pictures, but I want to try and remember how I did these, as I think I want to make a few more now these are actually complete!

The great think now that I have this order done is I can start on some new ideas without feeling guilty!
I know I have made other things on the side while I've been working on these,(some ideas just wouldn't wait!) but I did feel kind of bad that my lovely customer was waiting for her things, although she put no pressure on me at all, which was very nice of her!

I have started knitting a little stripey scarf as my next quick project, it is fun and I am looking forward to wearing something warm and handmade soon!

Hope you all had a great (long) weekend and got a bit of time for something fun!


  1. Thanks for all the pictures they look stunning - I have a feeling I know what I will be having a go at next. So many projects I want to start I am so easily tempted - I love pretty crochet xxx

  2. These decorations are amazing. I love the colours you've used and it's easy to imagine them in different colours x

  3. They are very nice! They look rather complicated to make though. As we're finally heading to somewhat of a summer, I try not to think about winter though! :-)

  4. absolutely gorgeous Jules!!!! Brava!!!!
    xxxx Ale

  5. These are awesome Jules! I love the addition of the pompom :-) I want to make some for Christmas already.....it's not too soon is it? Mel x

  6. Glad you had a nice weekend, you shall always find some time to your self in busy parents life :)
    The tree ornaments look so cute and cheerful!
    I found time only for few squares of my big blanket... hope I finish it this year..lol
    Have a wonderful week ahead!

  7. Fantastic they would make great tie backs for curtains instead of tassles. They look great in your colours. Jo x


  8. They are adorable and such an original idea.xx

  9. How pretty and so cute !!
    Very nice creation !!

    Have a lovely day .. :)

  10. Yum they remind me of beautiful macaroon......yummy. Definitely worth waiting for.
    Gorgeous colours Julie and the pom poms are a wonderful touch.
    Aren't long weekends great?......

    Claire X

  11. Sounds like you had a lovely long weekend :)
    The Christmas trees are adorable! I might just have to make some for this Chrissy.

  12. I love these little Christmas trees - they're so whimsical. :)

  13. I LOVE these trees. So so so beautiful. Once I start my holiday crafting, I think I'll be trying to make my own. :) (Although, I don't think they'll turn out as nice as yours...I'm terrible at picking out colors.)

  14. As much as I hate mention of the "C" word in June these are totally adorable. I shall have to bookmark them so I don't forget nearer Santa delivery time :) x

  15. The trees are such fun little things. I really love them. Really quirky and different.

  16. So adorable!!!! I love your color choices!


  17. Love your Christmas trees,
    they are lovely.
    Cheers, Anita.

  18. Gosh, what a lot of work must go into one tree.




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