Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Little Piles Of Colour


What have you been up to lately?

It's been a pretty busy time around here, once again the weeks are whizzing by very quickly, it is easy to miss a week blogging at the moment without even realising it's been that long!

The weather has been pretty dismal too, so not great for taking pictures of crafty stuff, I find myself being lazy and putting things off, waiting for a sunny break that hasn't come!

Today I have been moving furniture around, trying to create an illusion of space while squeezing more things into our house.  We have been cleaning out my father-in-laws house, and seem to have bought quite a bit home with us.  I am supposed to be decluttering, but you know how that goes, one thing out, two things in! Jesse has been upgraded to a double bed, much to his delight, so there has been a bed shuffle between the bedrooms, the result being I now have a 'day bed' in the family room.
Hmmm...I think it is in definite need of some grannifying, a couple of crochet blankets and some big cushions and it will be nice and cosy, and a bit more couch like and less bed like.

I have been doing bits and pieces of crochet, things I can do in the car.  Little piles of circles and diamonds are appearing all over the place.  Nice and colourful though.

.....and today I vacuumed the lounge room (exciting stuff, I know), these are the random baskets of yarn that were strewn around the room connected to various projects I am working on at the moment.  I think I need a better system!  Too much going on at the same time! No wonder my brain feels overloaded and bloated with things to do, I could do with an internal declutter as well!  
I am going to continue on this week with cleaning up around here and hopefully I will gain a bit more of a peaceful space to live in and think in!
One good thing, it's been nearly a week, and no diet coke, I think I might have finally kicked the habit, fingers crossed!

Do you feel calmer when your house is in order?

I hope you have a lovely week!

PS. Hello to new readers, thanks for stopping by!


  1. Hello Jules,
    Yes, I always feel better when I have my house in order.. Then I can crochet without worries. LOL What are all those wee circles for?? Are they going to turn into a Christmas Tree?? I am sooooooo tempted to try one. The weather here has been very rainy and coolish too.. Love the crochet blanket on your sofa back. Have a lovely week. Hugs Judy

  2. I love your little circles and your colors are lovely as always. All your baskets of yarn look so pretty. All of my projects in progress are in bags and look really messy in my living room. I need to buy some baskets to organize my yarn/projects. I always feel better when I organize my house. Take care and have a good week.

  3. I'm loving all the little piles of hookie goodness, and all those baskest of yarn :)My plan this week is to try and tidy up my crafting summerhouse as we have a children party here at the weekend, wish mne luck !!!

    Clare xx

  4. I always feel better when my house is cleaned - then I don't feel guilty when I want to just sit and crochet. I love your baskets of yarn. :)

  5. Keep going on staying off the diet coke...it is not good for you. I just did the same cleaning up as we had a wedding and the house needed to be cleaned. I can't wait to get it all back out!

  6. I do work better in a clean house. But, with the numerous children in my house, clean stays around for less than 10 seconds! Plus, I am a bit of a procrastinator when it comes to housework. I think you have inspired me to get busy on creating a better and more peaceful workplace!

    You do such lovely work and I thank you for being willing to share it. I look forward to the time I can sit and try to make something inspired by the loveliness of your creations!

  7. Been decluttering here and there for a couple of years. Always nice to work on a project is the house is tidy and clean. Mine needs doing badly at the moment. Got frozen shoulder so hard to do things. Nice you have a daybed now. Love your blog.

  8. i think better when my stuff are organized

  9. love your colourful crochets!!
    xxxx Ale

  10. I always feel calmer when my house is in order ... it's the Virgo in me. Gorgeous colours in the crochet ~ Sarah x

  11. There is nothing I love more than seating a couch with lots of handmade crochet decorating it. I'll get there one day, hopefully. I'm very curious as to what your little circles will be.

  12. Gosh clearing clutter, i feel like my whole life has been spent doing that and when my heads in the right place it's so much easier. We too have had a switch round in our through dining, living space, it's cosier but i kept banging into things although i think that's stopped. I too started clearing/hoovering/sorting some craft draws out today in a bid to clear my craft space but i have so much stuff, not compared to some but was looking at things i 'plan' on doing, candle kits, sewing machines, clay and this year has been about knitting so far and playing with crochet as three wks or so ago i couldn't get a grip on it whatsoever lol. Plus with Pintrest i get distracted all the time and i keep thinking Christmas to top it all off lol. So i get a bit of where you're coming from :)

  13. I definitely feel calmer when my house is in order. When my children were younger, I found it difficult but now that they are older, it is easier. They don't have little toys and bits of things hanging around. An ordered house = ordered mind, I feel. Enjoy your day, Carla (Socks Ahoy!)

  14. I certainly feel a lot happier when my house is in order...not that it happens all that often! x

  15. Hi Jules,
    It seems we are all feeling like you at the moment. Too much to do and not enough hours in the day. Take a breath and just keep inching forward. It'll all come together. Can't wait to see what you do with those colourful circles and triangles. Have a great day.
    Blessings Gail

  16. Hi - I definitely feel better when my house is in order. I hate things being untidy and cluttered but although our house is a reasonable size there doesn't seem to be enough storage space so not everything has a proper home. This gets me very worked up. At the moment we are getting the house ready to sell and the more I look the more needs to be done - its like a never ending nightmare! Good luck with the decluttering. Lily. xxx

  17. Hi There,Why is it so hard for us to declutter??I love to have all my things around me but at the same time I like the place to look neat and tidy with minimal things lying around!!!Love your colorful yarny happiness!!!What are you making?! Have a happy week!!!

  18. Cute piles of colour. I'm also looking forward to see them once their joined! x

  19. Hi, I just LOVE (in capitals) your blog, your choice of colors, your yarn and the things you make.
    Always an inspiration! The star you made with 10 diamonds inspired me to try and crochet such a star "in-one-piece" (or actually two pieces). A wrote a blogpost about that and would be honored if you take a look over there : http://avanav.blogspot.nl/2013/06/ster.html. Of course gave credit to you, by placing a link.
    Regards from Holland, Anco

  20. That's so funny. I have just finished some exams, and the first thing I did when I'd finished revising was vacuum the parts of the living room floor that I could find! Mostly it was covered in piles of sewing projects, maths work, and crochet projects, but I am slowly excavating these... I think you can be an artist / crafter, or you can be tidy. I was born with that choice pre-made, and I'm happy with myself, but sometimes you do have to find the floor! ;)

  21. Hi - I've just discovered your blog and you've made me laugh. All those bags of yarn - you should see behind our red sofa - looks just the same! So many yarns and projects on the go - and there's a whole cupboard full upstairs in my studio, too. Looking forward to seeing your circles into squares and share your walks on the beach - even if it is winter over with you!


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