Thursday, May 16, 2013

My creative space....pastel layers

Today has been quite the creative day for me! 
I did something a little bit out of my comfort zone and met up with a lovely group of ladies for some social hookie, a very nice way to spend the morning, they were very friendly and making some lovely things, I'm looking forward to catching up with them again. 

Then when I got home after a huge supermarket shop, restocked the cupboards and did a bit of other domestic goddess type stuff, I got stuck into stuffing and finishing off these layers that make up a few Christmas tree decorations.  These are for an order that I have been working on sporadically for quite a while ( luckily it's for a very patient lady!), but it is time to get them Finished Off!

What have you been up to today?
Stretched your creative muscles or no time for that sort of thing today?

Joining in with the other creative spacers over at Village Voices.


  1. Yo había visto hechos con tela, aunque con hilo de colores y el ganchillo queda bien bonito.Me encantan!!! Un saludo cariñoso desde España.

  2. wow I loves these so much, just beautiful, such great colours. I sure the lady you are making them for will be really happy with them.

  3. Hi There,Lovely and colorful!!!Love them!!!

  4. Your project looks great! I love the color choices. I got to some crocheting today also. I am a little apprehensive to go to a craft or crochet group and meet with people, I enjoy doing crafts alone, it's great recharging time. Do you prefer crafting with a group or alone?

  5. Looks great. Its wonderful when a creative day ends with so many things to show for it. I have unfortunately not been so lucky... things going wrong and so forth.... but the good thing was to have checked your blog. The colours and designs of your lovely things cheared me up and got me thinking of more projects to start maybe tomorrow !! Thank you for all your posts.

  6. I love these just to look at. I hope they will be used all year round as they shouldn't be put away! Perhaps you could try sticking them on paper and arranging them in a deep frame. Think that would look amazing with some other accessories. :)

  7. HI Jules, My crochet courses run for 5 weeks, one hour each week. It goes something like 1)chain and hold a hook 2) Learn to dc and start a square 3)Learn to treble and keep straight edges 4)Combine your knowledge and make a jam car cover 5) make a granny square.

    Having a week between each class is great because people take away their little started square/swatch and I suggest that they could turn it into something and then they try at home and bring it back for show and tell. Their purse/glasses case etc is invariably wobbly and have errors and then this is the starting point for what to put right. Hope that helps. I have a jar tutorial on my blog in the side bar feel free to use it. Let me know if you want to know anymore.

  8. I wish I could stretch my creative muscle today... I wish I could make it work so hard it would still ache the next day! But too bad, I have to meet many college deadlines which I kinda forgot about so unfortunately no hooky time for me today. Pretty ornaments! Are you going to decorate them more, or leave them as they are now?

    Love, Kirsten


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