Wednesday, May 22, 2013

20/52 year of happy

Four things from my week that put a smile on my face.

1. I received some new shade cards from some yarn companies this week, and have spent a long time dreaming of all the new yarn I'd like to stock in my little shop. It is a surprising amount of fun putting together a yarn order!
2. I really like how good the colours look in rainbow formation, these are a range of 4ply cotton and I love all the colour!
3. I have splurged on a couple of magazines this week and I was lucky enough to receive the Simply Crochet mag in the mail this week, sent all the way from the UK from the lovely MemeRose, thank you so much it made my day!  I have spent some very lazy hours sitting curled up by the fire reading these, happy days!
4. I have been persevering with my quest to conquer fudge making, and I have to say, I thing I have nailed it this week with this chocolate coconut fudge !  It might not look that impressive, but it was Very addictive and sooooo good.  I will post this recipe and see if you agree 
( be warned, totally impossible to stop at one piece!).  These are the last two pieces and they were soon gobbled up!  My sweet tooth was very pleased.

What's been making you smile this week?


  1. I love a magazine by the fire. Your fudge looks great to me :)

  2. Hello Jules,Great shame you are not nearer. The yarn you stock (yes I have peeked into your shop) looks super nice!!!

    I have a feeling in my bones (as my old aunty used to say) that your little shop is going to do very but very well!!!

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

    1. Just thought I can't enjoy your yarn but my niece can. She lives in Toowoomba and has an online business and sometimes knits for her shop.
      So I'm sending the link

      Amanda xx

  3. Very happy your magazine arrived safely... it is nice that you won as I know SC is not widely available in Australia. Enjoy your week x

  4. Hi There, Great article!!! I have to confess!!! I am a Mag-O-Holic!!! Love you happy's!!!

  5. I'm loving the rainbow effect of the sample cards such a feast for the eyes
    Clare x

  6. That looks like fun that is actually work - How do people do that? how are your crochet lesson plans going? I am happy because I have not got to look at this pink wool any longer!! Take a peek Jo x

  7. Dear Jules, your are lucky with four great things to give you happy, smiles and dreams. Thank you because you share your emotions with us and I feel very good of that. I have your picture near the fire with your magazine and a cup of hot chocolate and your great sweet with coconut....

  8. If you want, you can see my pincushion here

  9. OH I Love your fudge. It looks so good. Summer means fudge from Minocqua wisconsins' s Dan Minocqua Fudge.

  10. Beautiful things happened there :) Lovely colors around and yummy food!
    I was happy this week because I bought pretty kurtas (Indian type of tunic) and had nice time with my friends.

  11. I love love love shade cards, little bits of yarny yumminess all themselves.x

  12. The shade cards look very nice! If those will be available your shop I'm sure gonna be tempted haha!

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