Saturday, April 6, 2013

Shop news on the weekend.....

'colour collection' blue and reds


We are having some glorious Indian Summer weather the last few days, still, sunny and warm, very idyllic!  I have been enthused be the nice weather to get stuck into the garden and start preparing it for some Autumn planting.  I have sown new seeds in the hot house and they have germinated already, so looking good there.

Also I have picked up my new order of yarn, and put some new colours and some 'colour collections' into my shop.  It is really a lot of fun making up lovely colour combinations and making little samples of things to see how they look together,  I'd love a full time job like that!
The Little Woollie Yarn Store is slowly starting to fill up. Although I have seen lots of gorgeous yarn I'd like to stock one day, I have to be patient!  I think this shop will be something that grows quite organically, so I will be adding new things as funds allow, hopefully often!

I have been using the diamond pattern to make little colour samples, and am hoping to sew some together this weekend.  I am quite hooked on making diamonds (pardon the pun)and I think this is going to be a gorgeous blanket.  I think I will make it quite small, maybe cot sized, just so I can get it finished a bit quicker.  I can't wait to see how they will look all sewn together.

............this is the colour collection I have called 'pretty pastels', fairly self explanatory!

.........this little collection is the colour combination I used for my star stitch blanket, but I think they look just as nice made up in granny squares or diamonds! :)

.....and these are a few new colours I have added to the shop for some lovely Autumn crafting...

I have had a great couple of days playing with all of these beautiful yarns, I have so many ideas for things to make, but I am trying to finish some current makes before I start anything new, it is taking some self discipline!

So anyway, I am off to get dinner and then kick back with the crochet hook in front of the football, such a hectic life I lead!  :)

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. Looks like you've been very busy there! Hope you enjoy the footy and PS: your little second-cousin here would LOVE to spend some time with a 'crafty' person (I couldn't even cast-on her knitting last week!!!) So,.... I have nominated YOU! So when you need another female around, please call me and I'll deliver her to you!
    Mere x

  2. What lovely yarn the colours are perfect - very tempted to try some little diamonds x

  3. The wool looks awesome! colors are pretty and really will make some nice project for Autumn and Winter :) well done! Happy gardening, I am also growing few plants in my little garden.
    Have a great weekend!

  4. Lovely colour palette. I am very jealous of your talk of gardening and nice weather I am getting serious allotment fever here in the UK with no veg in the garden at all because if snow on the ground. Can't wait to see the diamonds together. Jo x

  5. Your colours are edible!!!

  6. Me encantan los colores que has utilizado.

  7. What a burst of springtime color! I agree with Kate here above, your colors are edible!

  8. What a wonderful; feast of colour, its brightened my day :0)

  9. Gabriela GrassinoApril 7, 2013 at 2:09 AM

    The colours are so lovely, I love your working colour pallete in each project. I hope some day could get some of your yarns, I'd love to! Love peace and crochet Gabriela

  10. Gorgeous colours Julie and the diamonds will look very effective sewn together.........definitely different.
    The weather has been beautiful hasn't it?......
    Hope your team won, happy crocheting.

    Claire x

  11. Love the colours, love your work & love your comments, keep them coming !

    Cheers Sue

  12. Hi There, Love the colors - all of it!!!! How about some pics of your hot house??!!!! Have a hooky-fun time in front of the telly!!!!

  13. Gorgeous colour combos! Best wishes to your new store-keeping venture!

  14. Won , tose are just wonderful! Beautiful, gorgeous colors. I love all of them. I am off to check your store out. :)

  15. Haven't seen many diamonds before, they're a lovely shape :) The last 4 pics of yarn are great colours, I may have to save up for some for the autumn! x


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