Tuesday, April 9, 2013

14/52 year of happy

Four things from my week that made me happy.

1. Late dahlias made a lovely bright addition to the kitchen table, happiness in a jar.

2. The leaves are changing, autumn is with us, long live the still, clear autumn days.

3. I think this salvia is my favourite, salvia 'limelight' really stands out in the garden this week.

4. Getting my new order of wool, and sending some of it straight out again! Thank you lovely ladies who ordered from Little Woollie Makes Yarn Store, it did make me smile!  (Though I need to find a better storage place than on the pool table!)  Happy crafting :)

Have a happy week yourselves. 



  1. Those dahlias would make me ecstatic - I could eat them.

    I have a very, very, similar salvia to that, dont know if its limelight, dont think so, but it looks nearly the same

  2. Oh wow! Orange flowers! Yummy

  3. Gorgeous - all of them! Happy new week to you! Xx

  4. Love the autumn leaves, well everything really ☺☺

  5. Colorful happy moments! Your dahlias look wonderful! And yarn too! I will pop over to your shop now.
    Have a happy day ahead!

  6. Ahhh dahlias, my favourite flowers, I have no garden at the moment so that was just lovely to see, Thank you :)

  7. Hi There, All your happy things make me very happy too!!!! Love it!!! Especially all the new packs of colorful yarns!!!

  8. Jules i was wondering if you were going to stock zpagetti t shirt yarn, if you do let me know I'd rather buy through you than randomly on the net

  9. It's funny how colours change with the seasons. Over here in the UK we have the flurry of yellow at the moment with daffodils, primroses and forsythia but the spectrum will soon change as the warmer weather approaches. It's lovely to see the burnt orange of the dahlias and changing leaves - very autumnal x Jane

  10. Love your colors of yarn, your shop looks great with all the combo packs. Good luck with this exciting venture!

  11. The colours are stunning, the dahlias simply glowing, the tree incredible, salvia delightful and of course your wool is beautiful, the colours all complementing each other so well. Have a happy and colourful day, Mrs A

  12. Lovely vibrant colours, and yarn stunning,Spring here in the UK and I'm crocheting Spring flower brooches.

  13. Those red leaves are beautiful, it reminds me of my little Japanese Acer (which has yet to get its 2013 leaves!)

  14. "Those red leaves are beautiful, it reminds me of my little Japanese Acer"

    Lovely indeed..


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