Tuesday, March 5, 2013

9/52 Year of Happy

I'm a bit late this week with my happy post this week, but whatever, here it is .

Four things from my week that made me happy.

1. I found the first blue eggs from my young grey auracana (not sure on the spelling) chooks, the girls are growing up!  They are such a nice contrast to the other brown eggs. 

2. Sad to say, but my freshly washed windows actually made me really happy, I'm pathetic I know. It's a bit weird how I never really notice how dirty the windows are until they are clean again, so shiny and sparkly! Nice.  My life is just so exciting! :)

3. Tomatoes are on!  Bring on a sauce making session!

4. A lovely box of gifted quinces, I am going to have a go at quince paste this year, hope it turns out ok.

Extra happy stuff this week : The great warm weather is also making me happy and I had a nice leisurely bike ride with a friend, soaking up the sun, having a bit of a chat, thinking life is good!

Hope you had lots of happy moments in your week too!


  1. Hi, Jules!
    I can see that simple things can indeed make life happy :)
    Those blue eggs is such a treat! Never seen such.
    And I do always admire home grown veggies, as I myself garden a little :) The tomato sauce..mm...already can imagine how yummy it's going to be.
    The clean window and clean home is something what CAN make you happy, so no worries.
    Have a fantastic day!

  2. Thanks Anna, I have been having a major clean up around here recently, and it is so nice to have a tidy house, even if it is only temporarily!
    What are you growing in your garden? I love hearing about other peoples gardens! Thanks for popping by here, have a lovely day! J xx

  3. Lots of things to be happy about there! Love the pretty blue eggs.
    M xxxx

  4. Lol you're like me I love when the windows are sooo clear and clean!!!
    I hope you have a happy week!

  5. Nothing pathetic about liking shiny windows, I catch myself staring out of them when mine are done.

    We too, have sunshine today, maybe spring?

    Have a good week.

  6. The windows made me laugh, as the minute the sun comes out the first thing I notice is how dirty mine are. I guess that really is the wrong way to look at things. Cup half full or half empty?

  7. A sunny day means shiny windows (they really show up don't they?!). Your tomatoes have made me smile, so many colours and shapes. I can't wait to sow my seeds! Chel x

  8. What made me very happy, is the lovely sunshine we hadthese past days. After a long, cold, snowy winter, all of a sudden it felt like summer... To be able to sit in the garden, no extra vests or jackets needed: such a pleasure!

  9. Oh, I love the blue of those eggs. And I had a wee stab of envy over that box of quinces, because I am quite mad about those and they are not so easy to get here. Enjoy the quince paste!

  10. hello, neva see an blue egg it is nice, I have got quinces also I make quince sweet is easy
    and is delicious I eat with chees, sure that tour out.

  11. Oh, now I feel like I had better go wash my windows! They are really awful, but since there's snow on the ground I'll just keep putting it off til it's warmer! Ha! Anyway, I wanted to tell you that I'm passing the Super Sweet Blogger Award on to you because I love your sweet blog! If you don't accept awards, that ok, just know I enjoy your fun, colorful posts!


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