Saturday, October 13, 2012

Things I have noticed this week.....

1. It is lots of fun shopping for little girls.  There are so many seriously cute things around these days, it is hard to choose what they would like best!  
 A new toy shop has opened in our town and it has 
soooo many things that  I would have loved as a child, I bought my niece a super cute marionette puppet ( I loved puppets when I was little) and quite an ornate heart stamping set and a few pretty erasers for her birthday tomorrow, but there were so many things I could have chosen!  
Oh, and I came home with these Russian dolls for me, just because I love their colours and couldn't resist!

2. I think we are going to have plenty of apples this year if the amount of blossom is anything to go by. I can't remember the trees being this laden before, they are really stunning.

3.  The scent of lilac is starting to be noticeable as you walk in the front door, so lovely!  The bushes  are flowering above the roofline, so you don't really notice the flowers until you look for the source of the scent.

4. My craft space is in need of a big clean up again!  I am not really using it to make anything in, just to dump materials and then whinge that I can't find anything!  Must do something about that!

5.  There are lots of interesting swaps around blogland at the moment, many to do with Christmas.  I think I will join up with a couple maybe.  Do you do swaps?

Ok, I could go  on and on with this, but I had better stop there and go and do something constructive, like clean up my craft room!   Might do some more tomorrow....

Have a lovely weekend!


  1. liking your things. these are the small joys of our life. i do love Russian dolls as I am myself Russian :) why do they look a little grumpy?:)hehe
    have a great day ahead!

  2. I can see why you took those Russian dolls home Jules........gorgeous colours.
    Love, love, love Lilacs, get one of the mauve varieties, I see them flowering everywhere......
    You know tidying up is overrated!!
    Enjoy the rest of the weekend,

    Claire :}

  3. I love the smell of lilac. i had a really pretty white one but the council cut it right down to the floor by mistake a couple of years a go - such a shame. Its strange seeing pictures of spring when we are in the middle of Autumn and drowning under rain and gales! Lily. xxx

  4. I love your craft room - looks like a fun place to be in. :)

  5. Hi Jules, Love the birthday gifts you chose! I would have also had to have the Russian tools too. I love them and the colors are great!! Good for you! I love the shopping saying one for you and two for me!!!!!
    Have a nice weekend, xoRobin❤

  6. okay, what is it about these little Russian Matryoshka Nesting Dolls...
    i just purchased a set yesterday in Helen, Ga. i have a feeling they will not be my last set! yours are adorable!

  7. I see your a basket person too, I can't resist baskets

  8. The Russiandolls are so cute. No wonder you couldn't resist! You'll feel sooo much better when you clean up (says she who's about a fifth of the way through her clean up!).

  9. Lovely to see your Spring blossom, the weather was so wet here this year that we got very few apples, not just us but over the ehole country. Still always next year!
    Very sweet dolls.
    Carol xx

  10. those russian nesting dolls are adorable! and i LOVE the scent of lilac- totally jealous right now. I live in Vegas so lilacs don't really exist around here,haha.


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