Thursday, October 11, 2012

A visit to The Crib......


The other day I went to our local community garden for a visit.  It's been a while since I was last down there, I really must try and get down there more often, there is so much happening and growing.

I am actually the Treasurer on the garden committee, so I feel quite bad that I don't spend more time there helping out, I go when I can, but life is very hectic and sometimes it's thing like this that get pushed down the priorities list.  I try and compensate by growing lots of seedlings and cuttings to plant in the garden when I am actually there.

....quite a few ladies were working the morning I popped in, they are a hard working bunch and really get things done!  (This is about as busy as it gets though, we only have about 30 members!) 
These are some of the individual plots members can take on for their own growing.

.....we have a frog pond, with lots of edible water plants around the edge......

...and a herb garden.....

...the chookies are a recent addition to the garden, they free range in our orchard, see how they have already eaten and scratched nearly all the grass, they save us a lot of weeding! 
(and we get lots of lovely eggs!)

....there are big communal areas where we grow lots of different vegetables and share the produce with whoever happens to be working there on a Wednesday or Saturday morning.  All members of the garden are entitled to work and harvest from these communal areas and everyone can have a say in what gets grown.  
We have a big site, so there is plenty of space to grow everything people want.  I can't believe more people aren't involved really.  It is such a lovely place to spend some time and the produce is really great, all organically grown and the freshest that you can get!

We started this garden about 6 years ago, and still I meet so many people who have never heard of it!
We have done heaps of advertising, been in the local paper lots of times, won big grants to have the orchard fenced and huge water tanks put in and are next to the community house, but I guess we are just a little town and it is a bit out of the way and set back from the street so people just don't see it.

It's a shame because it is such an asset for our community, I wish more people could enjoy it and the benefits community gardening provide.

So if you live on the Western Port side of the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia, and want to join a great little community garden, come and check out Crib Point Community Garden! 
(Don't actually think any locals read this blog, but you never know...)
(Email me and I'll give you the address, and a tour if you like!!)

Anyhoo, that's probably enough from me now, better go and get the crochet out........
Have a great day!


  1. Very interesting post. It looks like a great place to go. And those hens have certainly done a great job in the orchard!
    Take care,
    Sarah xox

  2. That is such a wonderful thing to do!

  3. i really love the idea of gardening together, we live in the city (melbourne) and visit CERES quite regularly and enjoy their lovely eggs and vegies ...

  4. This is such a brilliant idea, and what a lovely way for members of the community to come together, to share the work and the benefits of it. And what a lovely way to spend a morning. I wish we had something like this where I live (Macedon Ranges, Victoria)...

  5. Love this Jules......we want to get something similar going in my town, but having trouble trying to find a suitable piece of land.
    It's such a great idea and how wonderful to have chooks and a frog pond too, that's brilliant.
    Love the Broad Bean flowers, I have a different variety with white flowers, but the red is very striking.

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  6. Wow I love this .. .. .. We have a small orchard in our local reserve but I'd love to make it bigger

  7. What a fantastic project - I love the idea of people getting together to do things like this and to take time out from the commercial nature of our lives. I cannot understand why you are not overrun with requests to join in. Good luck with it and I hope it keeps going. Lily. xxx

  8. These allotments/community gardens are a great idea, wonderful for showing kids where their food comes from and how it is grown. I know a few school do this on a smaller scale. Keep up the good work.


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