Thursday, October 4, 2012

My creative space...still hooking on...

My creative space today is happening on the couch, some Eddie Vedder on the stereo, (are they still called stereos?) hook in hand, green wool at the ready and longggggg rows of stitches ahead. 
Kids self occupied.  Pretty well my perfect crocheting scenario. 

 Nearly time for another crochet along update if I get enough done.  
We'll see what happens today.

Joining in over here today.


  1. Love the look of your blanket and your colours are amazing. Wish I could join in the CAL, but I promised myself to finish a project before starting another... :-(

  2. Such a stunning blanket, I love all the different stitch patterns and bright colors together.

  3. Looking forward to your update - I can see you've already done a bit more! It's looking great!
    Angie x

  4. Hi Julie, I also had a bit of time on the "mssb" today, and am almost ready for the Catherine Wheel!

  5. hi,Jules! You blanket looks very nice! colors, besides the pattern, is what makes it so awesome!

  6. Your blanket is looking fabulous. I just love happy colours. I wish that I could have joined too, but I've got a couple of WIPs to finish and my crafty mojo keeps going AWOL this year.

  7. Your blanket is looking fabulous!! x

  8. Hi Jules,
    StRiPeY is looking so gorgeous and cheerful and inviting. I have my yarn, all bright colorful colors and have not started YET! I hope I will in a while after my knitting for babies is over.
    Can't wait for next installment of rows.
    Thanks, xoRobin❤

  9. Ok its gorgeous...Trying to start mine!

  10. Ok now I really beginning to fall in love with the colours that you're using for that blanket. It nearly looks good enough to eat.

  11. This blanket is really coming together! I love it! :)

  12. It sounds perfect, love the blanket so far.

  13. Your blanket is looking amazing - I am in love with the colours.

  14. Love the colours you have chosen for your blanket. They certainly compliment each other.
    Thank you for your kind comments.
    I have nearly finished my second granny blanket for my little grand daughters so keep looking at my blog.

    Happy crocheting.......xx

  15. Love the stripey blanket. I need to get hooking on mine again. Yours is so pretty!

  16. As always, your work is so cheery and wonderful! We have started our first link party at Twolula (new address at Its all about baby items. You have made some adorable items - hats, bibs, booties and blankets. Would you share your creativity with us and add some of your work to the link party?



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