Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Hi there!

The other day I decided we needed to get some new younger chickens to keep the egg laying count up as my girls are getting a bit long in the tooth.  I found a fairly local place called Craig's Farm in Cranbourne South that sold pure bred chickens. A couple of emails later, I had arranged a visit.  It was very interesting seeing his set up.  There were all sorts of chooks at various stages of growth, it is quite early in the season apparently, so there were no point of lay birds that I could buy, so instead we decided that 5 week old chicks would be just as good if I was able to keep them separated from my big girls till they were grown.  They were cheaper than the older pullets, so I was able to get a few extra for the same money. Bonus!  
My new babies comprise of 2 Aracanas, 2 Rhode Island Reds, 1 Buff Wyandotte and 2 other speckled girls whose breed I can't remember.  So cute and chirpy!

They have already learnt to go inside their hutch at night so I don't have to move each one individually anymore, clever little chicks! 

It is quite the time waster watching their funny little antics, I am trying to get the boys to spend a bit of time handling them so they get used to us and are easier to tame.   

In other chicken news, I let my old girls out into their extended run today, and my 2 adventurous ones flew over the fence into my vegie patch and scratched up all my strawberries ! Grrrrr....
They better watch themselves, I have newer, younger models now!


  1. so cute! great that you have your own chickens:0 its nice to see them growing and also get tasty healthy eggs!

  2. Love the new chicks, nice breeds and you'll get lovely coloured egg shells too.
    THe 'more mature' girlies better beware!!

    Claire :}

  3. o so nice
    I wish i had some chickens


  4. I used to de-stress by watching our chickens. I enjoyed hand feeding them. They would follow mr around the yard. I miss them ; (

  5. I feel broody having read your post :-) We only hatched ducks this year and they grew so fast - they just weren't babies for long enough.

  6. Oh, I love them. We hope to add chicks someday but for now I'll enjoy yours!


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