Thursday, September 6, 2012

Yarn along.....

Today I am joining in with The Yarn Along peeps over at Ginny's place here.

It has been seriously windy here the last few days, like trees down, black outs, and blocked roads windy, so a good time to stay indoors and get a bit of hooky done. ( Not actually what has been happening, work and normal hectic life goes on regardless of the weather.)
I have been doing a bit more of the mixed stripy blanket, progress is slow and I feel that everyone will be thoroughly sick of seeing this blanket by the time it is finished!!

And I have started reading one of Max's latest reads Toby Alone by Timothee de Fombelle.  This is a story I bought him a few years ago, but at the time he was a bit young for it and only got a few chapters in and then left it.  Recently he picked it up again and got stuck right into it and had it read in less than a week, he is onto the sequel now, and really enjoyed the first one.  
I was always intrigued as a child by stories about tiny people, and I still like the idea of whole worlds operating right under our feet but unseen by us.  This is a story about the tiny people who inhabit a big tree, and the adventures of one in particular, Toby.  I have only read a few chapters, but it seems like a pretty in depth story for a children's novel.  Courage, betrayal, abandonment and strength of character are a few of the themes that are being explored here, so it is a great story for my 12yr old to enjoy and hopefully learn a thing or two about human nature.
It is an english translation of the original French novel, so I don't know if much gets lost in translation, the story seems to flow nicely anyway. 

Are you reading anything interesting at the moment? 
Do you still like to read children's books?


  1. I recently finished a class at University about Children and Teenage Fiction. Never thought such stories could have so much depth. For example The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time. It's a story about an authistic boy and very well written.

    Im reading Karl May's Orient Books at the moment (another University class, as I am studying German besides English) and am very intrigued by these 130 year old novels.

    Your blanket is coming along nice btw. Wish I could join in the CAL but have sooo much on the go at the moment :-(

  2. Your stripey blanket is coming along nicely. I will be working on mine tonight, so hopefully I will be able to catch up. :)

  3. I can't tell you how excited I was to see you had posted two days ago with your blanket update....I think I may have made a little squeaky sound, much to my hubby's bemusement! I for one will not be sick of seeing your blanket and I am soooo enjoying your CAL (no pressure though as I have a good few other things on the go) but it is lovely to whizz along the rows after slow knitting projects.

    My nine year old has really been enjoying the famous five books recently, I know a lot of people say they are outdated and poorly written, but for him and me, they are full of plenty of adventures that could actually take place....the simple living of picnics, sunshine, exploring, swimming in the sea is just right....I am so enjoying re-reading them, why have so many children's books gone so off the wall?

  4. that blanket is beautiful. great work

  5. I loved reading Toby Alone (as an adult) at the start of my teacher training. I am always reading kids books for school, I usually enjoy them more than adult books. I posted about it recently as one of my
    Love the Crochet Along, I will be starting mine soon, still got two blankets on the go which I need to finish first!

  6. Hi there, I been working on mine each day. I am just about up to the bobble stitch:) Yours is looking lovely

  7. i love your blanket and although not joining in your cal as i have so many wipe's it may be something i pick up in time as your blankets always capture my attention. they are wonderful.

    the book sounds intriguing, I'm currently on the third book of the hunger games series and loving it.

  8. Thanks for asking :) I do LOVE reading! I am reading now the novellas of the Russian writer Kuprin, beautiful language! Also I have started reading King's "The Mist" horror novel, however decided to postpone it as I need something a lil more cheerful:)
    I love your blanket, it is awesomely cute I guess because of the colors you chose :)
    Have a great day!

  9. Your blanket's looking very lovely Jules!

    I like to read popular and classic children and teen fiction because it's interesting reading what's out there these days, plus wandering back to old favourites.

  10. Sorry about asking this again. I was wondering why my blanket is turning like a curve. Is there something I can do to make it flatten out? I tried adding a sc around but it did not work:(

  11. Oh I haven't had time to read a good book for ages (too much crafting) but I love children's books. One of my all time favourites is Carries War By Nina Bawdwin and a very young childrens book which makes me cry everytime I read it is Mole and Baby Bird by Marjorie Newman!

  12. As a (mature!) adult I still love reading children's books. I too love the thought of little peoples worlds (the borrowers comes to mind), and sweet stories like the Milly Molly Mandy series. Such fun!

  13. I recently bought this book for my son, and the sequel. He is too young for it at the moment (only 6) but I saw it recommended somewhere then on offer so I bought it to put away. I love reading childrens books but I read them to my little ones as they are still young enough to enjoy stories read by Mum!

  14. Hello Jules
    As already mentioned here The Borrowers stories by Mary Norton come to mind which sounds similar to the book your son is reading. I was fascinated with it and would hide away in a corner in the public library to read them. There was a whole series The Borrowers,The Borrowers afield and the Borrowers avenge and more but I can't remember the titles. I read them back in the 60s but they are still for sale on Amazon. They did a film version which was a great disappointment to me...not half as good as the books. My all time great read as a child and later again as an adult are the Chronicles of Narnia full version not simplified they are brilliant.

    keep well

    Amanda :-)

  15. The blanket looks so great! The weather sounds scary, so keep safe.

  16. The cover of that book makes ME want to read it. Enchanting.

  17. great !
    greetings from Poland

  18. Dear Jules, Not only I love every single project you make but I am also blown away by the colors. Please share which Yarns and colors you use. I can wait to get my hands on those beautiful yarns. I enjoy most knitting with cotton yarns. I look forward to your prompt reply. God bless!!!


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