Friday, September 14, 2012

Spring Colour....

Hello.  How are you all going?

I feel like I haven't been round here much recently, life has really become busy over the last few weeks, and I don't feel like I am giving anything the proper attention it deserves, including this sad, neglected blog!  Really looking forward to the school holidays at the end of next week, hanging out for them actually.

In the mean time, Spring has sprung around these parts and my long awaited poppies are flowering beautifully.  These have to be one of my favourite flowers, I never get sick of them, especially the pastel shades.  I seem to be in luck this year with a fair percentage of pastels in the mix, not just yellows and orange.  They do perk me up no end, happy days!

And much excitement, my cutting garden of tall freesias are also in bloom! Yay!
Last year I dug up a lot of my fressias that were scattered around all over the garden and planted them in a special bed so I could cut them for the house and try and give them a bit of special TLC.  They were supposed to be a tall florist variety, but in the borders they didn't grow as tall as I liked, but in their cutting bed, Wow!  I am getting some very tall stems 30 - 40cm, and really sturdy flowers spikes, I just love the scent of freesias, they are making the house smell so Spring like, just brilliant!
(And there are still lots coming up in the other parts of the garden, gotta love a multiplying bulb/corm?)

So cheerful and super delicious smelly!

I have also been doing a lot of baking, in fact I feel like I am rarely out of the kitchen these days!
My boys might be a bit fussy on the food front, but they seem to inhale the baked stuff that I make, I could easily bake every day and they would still be looking in the tins for biscuits and cakes, 1 or 2 batches don't seem to cut it any more!

Really easy banana muffins, a current favourite of Max.

Something exciting came for me in the mail this week, and I have to say I was waiting with great anticipation for this parcel, my first online yarny buy!  And I wasn't disappointed!  Look at all these lovely cottons I bought and such gorgeous colours!  It was the colours that drew me to this yarn, it is really hard to find nice colours in 100% cotton locally, so I was very pleased with these.

I bought them from the lovely Yvonne at The Yvestown Shop.  I am sure all you crafty ladies would know of Yvonne and her gorgeous blog, so much inspiration there! It was a great online shopping experience, I highly recommend it!
 So these yarns have travelled half way round the world to end up here, and I am so happy with them!  I have lots of ideas brewing for this lot, if I ever get time to settle at some crafty action, hopefully on the holidays.

So here are a few more pictures of the yarn, cause you can never have too much colour to brighten your day!

I really love some of the blues and this brilliant orange, and the bubblegum pink, and the grassy green, and .......well I love them all actually!!

Anyhoo, I'll be back with the next bit of the crochet along over the weekend, if i don't get too distracted by my new stash!

What have you been up to lately?


  1. what gorgeous colour poppies and freesias, both my favourites. gosh the beginning of spring for you, all that spring energy rushing forwards! and lovely new yarn. So much to do, hope you get to have a moment or two! and a good weekend, Heather

  2. Wow!

    As if the flowers weren't enough you then show us all that yarn! Wow!

    Kate xxxx

  3. Those flowers are gorgeous! So are all the wonderful colors in this post.

  4. I love Yvonne's blog and shop, and the Annell Cotton is wonderful to work with. Can't wait to see your projects created with this yarn.

  5. Agree you can never have too much colour to brighten your day :-)

  6. OMG! That cotton is just magnificent...I just might need to pop over to Yvestown for a shop!!! Love the poppies they remind me of my grandfathers garden....enjoy your weekend (gazing at all that yarn)

  7. Wow, that yarn, perhaps finally you have finally found me natural cotton and wool yarn in lovely colours that I can also afford! Can't wait to see what you make with it. Fiona xx

  8. Hey Julie those cotton colours are just gorgeous, I can imagine how excited you were to get them...

    Your Poppies are beautiful too, I'm sure mine will be months off flowering yet. Will have to try planting my Freesias in a cutting garden, they struggle where they are and I would love to be able to cut some and bring them inside......

    Have a great weekend,

    CLaire :}

  9. Beautiful flowers and colourful yarn, what a lovely post to read on a Saturday morning.
    Anne xx

  10. Lots to drool over the poppies and the yarn!

  11. Freesias are my favorite!! Lucky you growing them in your garden, I have a hard time with them for some reason.
    What a great haul of yarn, the colors are wonderful. I'm off to check out the Yvestown shop.

  12. Welcome back! The poppies are lovely, the colors are just so juicy! the cup cakes look yummy too and i am in love with the colors of your yarn too! all is nice:) here Autumn is approaching, so glad you have Spring happening over there )

  13. Those flowers look so lovely, and the banana muffins looks great!

  14. Beautiful yarn from Yvestown. I've had the acrylic before and it works up beautifully, but you've tipped me over the edge to try the cotton now! Your photographs of your flowers are most welcome here, we are slowly creeping into Autumn and I'm missing the promise of spring.

  15. What a feast of colour! Freesias are one of my favourite perfumed flowers ... they take me right back to the C.W.A. room in the country town I grew up in!! And I think if I ever bought that much wool in one go I'd be hyperventilating!! : -)

  16. oh oh oh! beautiful colours and sooooooo many. i am faint!

  17. They always look so much better at the other end. Happy that you are happy!!! Love, Yvonne

  18. I am so excited to be almost finished my first cat from your tutorial a while back. I look forward to seeing more of your spring gardens as I am tucking mine to bed here in Vermont.
    Do you have a tutorial up on your pretty half circles that you used for owl wings? Or a source for the pattern?
    You are getting me more interested in using cotton too. Your crochet along blanket is bright and colorful and makes me smile!
    Good day- Patty

  19. I am literally drooling at all that gorgeous yarn! Such pretty colours. Your baking looks delicious too, my boys demolish anything baked, I've given up with small amounts now and just batch bake! Oh and two of them don't even live here..............yup they pop in and raid!!!!

  20. Ah, simply stunning stash, and your flowers are looking mighty fine too! Cannot wait to hop over to Yvestown and see if there might be a cotton or two picks that I would like....thanks for the eye candy!


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