Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Yarn Along...

Two posts in one day, a bit of a record for me I think!

Today I am making progress on a beanie using some lovely Noro silk garden, it is a little hat to go with a singlet my mum knitted my niece,  I really like the green flecked section, hopefully I'll get it finished this week, as my niece's birthday was at the start of July and this was supposed to be part of her present!
I am reading Bourke Street Bakery in an effort to demystify sour dough bread making, it is a great baking book, and these guys really know their stuff.  My biggest problem is finding the block of 20 hrs or so that you need to get this bread together, my days seem to be full of interruptions and I'm struggling to find a day when I can have a go.  I probably should start it off in the afternoon and cook it the next morning, but this is easier said than done!

Joining in with Ginny again  for yarn along.


  1. I make sourdough bread at least once a week. I feed the starter in the morning and make the dough in the afternoon. After letting the dough rise overnight, I make the loaves (2) in the morning allowing to rise for several hours. I bake in the afternoon and my husband starts cutting before they have time to cool. :-)

  2. What a lovely wool you have there!
    I also want to try a bread like that, the recipe has been ready for months now...but alas, I always remember when I'm out of the house!

  3. That noro is beautiful!!!
    Good luck with the sourdough, and finding the time to start

  4. I have never tried sourdough bread. My hubby gave it a shot once and I do remember him saying it took a while. I love the color Noro you are using.

  5. I make sour dough and am still perfecting the technique but I find an hour hour or two either way doesn't seem to matter. Planning a full write up of how I do it on my blog but life keeps getting in the way of preparing a mega post such as this! Will let you know when I have done it though.

    Eleanor x


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