Sunday, July 29, 2012

weekend garden.....

Hello, I hope you are having a lovely weekend, it has been a good one around here too.

Today I spent some time in the garden making a pea patch for Spring.

We chopped a couple of old unproductive fruit trees down from this area and I turned the two tree beds into one long bed into which I have planted my little pea and snowpea seedlings. 

I used the lovely twiggy branches from the peach tree as supports for my peas.

So I am hoping that in Spring I'll have a nice patch of peas to pick and enjoy, I always thing they are so much nicer eaten straight from the bush, and my boys like them fresh like this too.

What else is growing now hmm.....broccoli.....

....lots of silverbeet...

....Whilst weeding, I found a nice wild crop of potatoes and some overcrowded carrots, 
might have these for dinner tonight.......

....and a lovely frilly lettuce.....

...early snowpeas are starting.........

......more silverbeet self sown everywhere........

....the tuscan kale is starting to take off with a bit more sun this last week, although something has been having a nibble of this one......

.....the rhubarb is looking healthier after a feed of horse poo........
There is a lot of growing starting to happen at the moment, Spring is on the way!  Other lettuces,
 pak choys, cabbages and broccoli are doing well too.

 ......and there are lots of pretty bulbs coming into flower ......

It is such a pleasurable thing to do, having a wander around the garden and seeing what is growing at the moment, what is slowing down, the changes that happen almost over night.  Such a simple thing, but it does fill me with contentment and happiness, there is so much satisfaction to be had from growing a few plants, it never ceases to interest me and draw me back outside.

My sister came over this afternoon, so my little niece gave me a hand preparing the next garden beds for planting, she was very good on the rake, I have given up asking my boys if they want to help in the garden, it is just not something they are the slightest bit interested in, so it was nice to have a little helper for a change.  She seemed to really enjoy it too!

What have you been up to this weekend?
Did you get into the garden too?


  1. Hey Julie, I love your garden posts, there is always so much going on. I find myself getting out and planting more seedlings after reading about your garden.......

    Don't worry about the boys, my son is 21 and he's just starting to take a bit of an interest in the garden. He's going to grow some lettuce as he's tired of buying it to use in his lunch. So one day your boys may decide it's worth taking an interest in what you do out there.

    Hope you have a lovely, sunny week,

    Claire :}

  2. I love your garden and I really enjoyed reading about it! I can't wait until we can have a vegie garden again. I see your chickens in the background of one of the photos, they look as though they are plotting an escape into the garden lol!

    Sarah x

  3. Your broccoli looks beautiful ♥ Beets (what do silverbeets look like?) and rhubarb, too!

  4. So nice to share in your completely different season than here in the middle of the USA where we are having an enormous drought.

  5. I like your idea with the peach branches for the peas. I might have to borrow that. ;-)

    It's nice to see spring peaking out for you. Perhaps that means the intense heat of summer will be waning for us soon. ;-)

  6. I'm so excited for spring too. Your bounty looks fantastic!
    Jo :)

  7. Hello Jules
    Great pics! Makes me feel like popping in...getting down on my knees and helping you pull out the weeds...there are always weeds. There is also nothing better than ones own home grown veg. Your niece does look as if she is enjoying the raking. My 11 yr old grand-daughter waters my balcony plants for me every Saturday morning as I am working and she stays with her Grandad until we get back. She takes it very seriously,carefully filling the orange watering can,giving each plant a drink (very hot here now) and then giving them a shower. I think she likes the shower bit the best as she showers herself too!
    Pop into my blog if you have time as I have my first giveaway on the go . its open to everyone and that means bloggerfriends overseas too.

    Keep well

    Amanda :-)

  8. It was 105F+ here all weekend and will be for the next 8 days so we stayed in - ate and watched the olympics I knitted and surfed the web and pinterest and Doug surfed also- we also watered our foundation and trees at night as there is a restriction from 10 am to 6 pm but watering in the morning does little good in these temps- evaporates before it benefits the plants so letting it settle in in the evenings we have found is best. Oh I also emptied out my china hutch and put up some toile on the back wall of it and am re arranging it - we have a nice collection of glasses- bar keeps so wanted them all in one place. I love your blog and your garden is lovely so very lovely we tried a garden a couple years ago the only thing we could get to grow was peppers between the wind and rain and temps it's better for us to go to Sprouts.
    Looking forward to your next posts.

  9. I love the internet because as we are in the middle of our summer you are just getting ready for yours! Your garden looks fabulous and like you say so nice to have a willing helper. Hope the nibblers keep away!

  10. Always good to have a little helper in the garden!!


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