Thursday, June 14, 2012

my creative space...turn a square hat

So today I have finished knitting my new beanie!  I think this might become my favourite hat pattern!
The pattern I used is  Turn a Square by Jared Flood  and I really enjoyed making this little hat.  It has been quite chilly round here recently so I should get a bit of wear out of it soon. 

It is made with a solid colour for the main colour and a self striping yarn for the other stripe.  I used a nice charcoal and some left over Noro Silk Garden for the colourful  stripe.  The crown is a great squarish shape due to the way the decreases are done, and pretty easy to knit even though I don't have a lot of experience knitting in the round.  I think I could make a few more of these is other colour ways.

Hope you are having a creative day too!
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  1. You're right, this hat is adorable! You are going to busy, everyone will want one!

  2. Nice hat! Love the lines of different shades, they look very fashionable on a grey background :))) I wonder how do you find time to make so many awesome projects? :) Take care!

  3. Oh I love the colours you have used. So pretty!

  4. Oooh that was on my list too. I was planning on making a navy-styled hat, dark blue and cream colored...I love how your hat turned out. Really pretty!!

  5. Love the stripes. It's a good way to make some lovely yarn go a little bit futher.

  6. I made some of these hats at Christmas for various sons, husbands and nephews - it's definitely the most successful hat pattern I found. I varied the stripe pattern quite easily, sometimes thick ones, sometimes stripes of varying widths. I've also just recently finished Jared Flood's Terra shawl - you can see it here - - I think his patterns are really simple but effective.

  7. Wow that's so cute :-) lovely colours

  8. What a cute hat, thank you for the pattern link :)

  9. Loved this and the colours are great! BTW, I've nominated your blog for the Sunshine Award, so I hope you don't mind. Please pop over for the rules. x

  10. Gorgeous colours Jules.....can I borrow it for tomorrow's market please. They're predicting 13deg. and as it's outdoors!!.......

    Have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  11. very, very cute stitching projects! i love crochet and knitting. i found you on pinterest, and now that i've had a chance to visit your blog, i'm going to follow you and add you to my blogroll so i can visit again!
    a new reader in ohio, usa

  12. Hi Jules,

    Just wanted you to know that I have nominated you for 'the sunshine' award. Full details can be found on my post here:

    I understand that if you have already received many of these types of awards you may not wish to join in, but I hope that the link on my blog brings in lots of new visitors to your beautiful blog. I chose your blog as it always makes me feel 'happy' and 'sunny' when I visit to see your colourful crafty projects.

    Best Wishes
    Fleur xx

  13. Jules,
    I have just spent a lovely hour or so browsing your blog and I'm very glad that I stumbled across it!
    I love your house and your bright happy colours.
    I will be back often to check out what you're up to!
    Thanks for making my day brighter (it being sooooo cold!!!!!)

  14. Wow....this is so beautiful!


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