Monday, March 12, 2012

Bushranger Bay walk

We have had a long weekend here ( can't remember what it's actually for), so it has been nice doing a few family things all together.  
Gary and I decided to drag the boys down to Cape Schanck and do the Bushranger Bay walk, it is really a lovely part of the Peninsula, quite rugged and bushy, it feels quite isolated, but you are only a short way from a big tourist area.  It was quite busy there on Sunday, but the Bay walk is a longer walk so it wasn't too crowded.

Love these spindly tree trucks.......

..lots of bunny tails..........

 ........lots of hills to go down ( and come back up!)....

 .........first glimpse of the beach.......

..........pretty special place really.......

So just family stuff today, will have a bit of crafty crochet for you soon, nothing special, but crochet none the less!

Hope you had a great weekend too!

( on another matter, I have just found out that I can reply to your comments in the comments section, 
I am a bit slow on the uptake I know, but I hope I will be a better communicator doing it this way, as I am often remiss in answering questions and getting back to lovely commenters.  So i will be trying to answer questions from now on in the comments section, make sure you check back if you want to know something !)


  1. Que lugar maravilhoso.
    Lindo, lindo.

  2. I love that walk. I've been waiting until the Small has developed enough stamina to tackle it WITHOUT the inevitable shoulder ride!

  3. Thanks for sharing pictures from your side of the world. The beach looks wonderful and I love those bunny tails!

  4. What a beautiful day and gorgeous scenery. Lovely photo's love the way the trees all meet. dee x

  5. These pictures are beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I really must explore more around the Peninsula, but with two littlies I really don't get far. I might have to add Bushranger Bay to the list of places to visit.
    xXx Helen

  7. My God! what a beautiful place!!!
    What a pleasure to be there....

  8. What a wonderful walk that looks, woods and beach. Lovely!

  9. Nice to get out and about and explore your little neck of the woods.......beautiful pics Jules.

    Did you find any sea glass on the beach?

    Claire :}

  10. Love those family, walking days soaking up our gorgeous part of the world. And the holiday was Labour Day, so I'm glad to see you took it easy, except perhaps for the labouring back up the hill!!

  11. Family wanderings are a favourite with us too,,,,,haven't done one in ages, we must plan the next one soon!

  12. Nice, nice, nice! And people are walking and walking in the pictures :)

  13. What a fabulous place to walk and to have a beach at the end makes it even better! I live in The Manifold Valley in the UK which is gorgous but no beach!!

  14. Lovely blog. Came from MEREknits blog side bar to you. I answer my comments in my own blog is easy that way! I don't mind when other bloggers do this either


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