Tuesday, February 14, 2012

one a day...more squares

One  a Day update - I actually made 9 squares this week but I can't remember which ones are the new ones to show you individually, oh well, they are all looking pretty similar now any way.  
I think they look good all stacked up, there are 29 all together now, so my blanket is starting to grow!

.......and have a look at a behind the scenes shot, I haven't done any weaving-in-of-ends yet!! Must start that soon. 
(Pattern Weekend in Stockholm  by Debbie Stoller)

Have a great day! 
Linking up with the other girls doing the one a day thing at Gingerbread Girl.


  1. I just love your bright crochet ideas! I have also recollected my crochet knitting, but don't have enough time for creating something really nice.
    Keep on sharing your craft and creativity!

  2. Love the colors! Weaving ends in is a tedious business, isn't it? For me, I find it much easier to weave in that pesky tail as soon as I'm done with the square. Hope you're having a wonderful day!

  3. Happy Valentine's Day Jules.. I love that shot of all the ends... you've done betterthan me... I made one square this week! :)x

  4. Very nice. Happy Valentine's Day. :)

  5. _______,-~-. ___.--.__ .-~-,_______
    _______/ .- ,'__________`. -.\______
    _______\ ` /`__________' \ '/______
    _________\___( .__.)___/_________
    ___,'_______ GRACIAS X TU ___`._
    _______,'___ AMISTAD ♥♥♥ `._____

  6. Looking good so far! How many to go? But - OMG - those ends are going to a nightmare to weave in! UGH!

  7. The colour combination go well together. Looking forward to seeing it finished.....xx

  8. Lovely squares. I think everyone's leaving sewing in ends till the end, including me :)

  9. beautiful squares. I haven't been sewing in the ends either! thats going to be one big job to sort.

  10. Hey Jules, your little stack of crocheted goodness looks very colourful and growing, yay.......

    Claire :}

  11. what lovely colours and what a good idea to do a one a day x

  12. Zowie, these are GREAT.
    Love the COLOR ! ! !

  13. Even all those yarny ends look pretty!

  14. Oh they are lovely, but those ends............that's a project in itself!

  15. Your squares look great, I love a stack of colourful crochet!!!

  16. Its a great feeling watching your pile grow ;-)) enjoy. dee x


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