Saturday, February 11, 2012

My place and yours...on the wall

 Hello.  How's your weekend going?

As usual, the days seem to just whizz by, tomorrow we have a family birthday to go to, and then it will be the start of another week, I haven't really got into a good rhythm for school routine and 'school term stuff', I am still in summer holiday mode.  Better snap out of that soon!

 I am joining in over at Vic's Place for My Place And Yours today, trying to get back into a bit more regular blogging.  The theme this week is  'On the Wall', so here is a bit of a look at what's on our walls.

I realise our house is quite colourful when I see these photos!! 

Most of the things on our walls are paintings, I used to have other bits and pieces hanging around, but when we had the walls painted, I never got around to putting all the hooks back.  It was 10 years ago, so I probably should get onto that!

I have dabbled in a bit of painting over the years, and this one above is supposed to be of snapdragons........ I seem to come back to a similar colour palette in everything I do, it's a bit too coordinated for my liking, but I seem to be drawn to a certain pool of colours no matter what I do!

.......I like these 2 abstract colour paintings that were rolled up in a corner of my aunts cupboard.
I think they are happy in their new life.

 I also have a fair bit of the boys early artworks on the walls, I love Andre's Toucan that he drew with oil pastels (one of my favourite mediums) when he was in prep (about 5 years old)........

 ......More art from the boys down the hall.........

 ..........this one is of a bushfire, by Andre, (age7 or 8) pretty good huh?......

Unfortunately soon after this prolific period of creativity, the art from the boys dried up and I have nothing much after they were in early primary school.  Must try to encourage them to get creative again.
Having said that, Jesse is doing Visual Communications and Design as a VCE subject for year 11 this year, and they do do art at school, but they don't do much at home anymore. Sigh.
Hopefully they will come back to creating things at some time in their lives, it is such a joyous outlet to have.

 ........This is a bit of my 'inspiration board' , unfortunately, it is looking a bit sparse, I've had to use a few cards for presents!

......and finally this is my port-holey mirror in our room, and you can see some of Gary's Doctor Who book collection in the reflection.  Yes, there is plenty of colour in this place!

Hope you all have a fun day! 


  1. Love all the art work and the way that you have used some of the kids art work on the walls ... it's just beautiful. So bright and cheery the whole thing. Love it.

  2. Your place looks gorgeous and extremely happy I think.
    I hate how kids grow out of prolific creativity.
    I might have to keep every single thing Miss Pepper makes now she's the last.

  3. Your place looks very colourful compared to mine :D

  4. I love all the color and the boys art work is the best. I have several of my boys up and I just love them. By the way your snapdragons are really beautiful.

  5. I love your blog and I have an award for you, if you would like to accept it please visit my blog. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing the pics of your home. It seems you have passed your creativity down to your kids! Great artwork, love the snapdragon painting.

  7. Beautiful, warm and bright your home is. I love childrens art work it is so colourful and fun i have a few of my boys drawings i have framed up. Lovely memories in those. Have a lovely weekend, dee x

  8. Oh your snapdragon painting is beautiful, and yes the colour combination is just perfect.

  9. Hey Jules, love, love, love the Snapdragon painting and the it's interesting how you are drawn back to a particular colour palette.
    These colours obviously make you happy and I can see why......bright and cheery.
    I love the lamp shade too.

    Great having artwork by the boys lining the walls, it's extra special and that

    No.1 wasn't a big drawer or painter as a littlie so I have just a handful of artworks, but as they grow and find their niche the creativity returns in other ways. Now I am serenaded by music all day long as my sewing room is next to his bedroom/music studio.

    I think it would be very hard to be down in your home when you are surrounded by such bright, beautiful colours.

    Enjoy the weekend,

    Claire :}

  10. love every single bit of it. so cheery. love the snapdragons. clever.

  11. What a bright a beautiful home you have! Love the boys artwork on the walls and your snapdragons are so pretty!

  12. What a beautifully colourful home you have, I love it!

    Could you tell us, if you remember, what colour the blues in your house are (they look different blues in the pics, but it may just be the lighting). I am currently painting our house in blue tones but I'm not that thrilled with the ones I have chosen so far.....I love your blues!!!


  13. Your children's art is wonderful, once they get a bit bigger it harder to get them to stay in one place long enough to paint!!
    I love your painting of the snapdragons, really beautiful.

  14. Your house and walls oooze happiness ... perfect walls for the children's art ... lovely post, thanks for taking us inside :)

  15. What gorgeous walls & funky colours! Your place must be such a fun place to be!

    Thanks so much for joining in this week; your photos have made me smile.

  16. I love all the color and your snapdragon painting is really pretty. My walls are full of all sorts of treasures from our travels. Sure wish my boys were into art. AT 13 and 16, I can't get them to draw anything anymore. Hope your day is great. Tammy

  17. What a wonderful artist you are!
    Those snapdragons are brilliant.

    Im really pleased to see the boys artworks hanging pride of place on the walls - its the best sort of art you can have - 'real' art.




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