Saturday, October 29, 2011

look what I (re)discovered.....

Today I have been tidying areas of my house that have been very neglected for a long time.
The amount of cobwebs and dust was a bit embarrassing!

Anyway, I was cleaning a shelf that had lots of my knitting stuff crammed in and I found (or rediscovered) this blanket I was knitting just before I learnt to crochet last year.  Obviously once I got the crochet bug, my knitting took a back seat and I haven't done much with the needles since really.
But I was looking at all the lovely colours I have used in this and I think I should really get on and finish it.

So I have added to my 'projects on the go' list, much more respectable than shoved in a corner getting dusty and forgotten.  I have forgotten the pattern though, so must have a hunt for it, it will probably turn up crammed in another shelf!

I have got quite a few things lined up to make at the moment.  I have joined a couple of Christmas swaps, and need to make some things for those, and I have joined the 'Softies For Mirabel' Christmas craft appeal, and am making a softie for that. 
More info about this over here at Meet Me At Mikes

I have an idea for a doll of my own design, so we will see how it goes. (I actually have an idea for a dolls dress that I want to try, so have to make a doll to go with it!)
If it works out, I might make one each for my nieces, while they are still young enough for dolls.
(although I think you are never too old for a lovely doll!)

Tomorrow we are having a garden lunch at a friends place, hope the weather hold out for us, a very pleasant afternoon with good food, good friends, and a couple of nice cold bevvies, I am looking forward to it!

I am bringing salt and pepper deep fried calamari, Mum bought me a deep fryer recently, and it does calamari sooooo well!!  Our friends live down the road from us so it should stay nice and hot and scrummy, perfect as a first course nibble!

Anyway, hope you have a good weekend and do something fun! 


  1. Its a beautiful blanket, what a discovery, will be great to see it finished :D
    Karen x

  2. Love the colors and the stitch. I would love to make one like yours :)

  3. I think I have commented on this before, but you have the greatest taste when combining colors. Every project you post is so pleasing to the eye. Have fun at your lunch with your friends tomorrow.

  4. That's an interesting pattern. Are the squares just knitted on to one another..not sewn? The colours are wonderful.

  5. Check out that fab blanket.....get those needles click, clacking Jules, it's great, love all those colours.
    You've put such a lot of time into it, would be a shame not to continue and finish it.
    Your garden lunch sounds lovely, S&P squid, delish............hope the weather holds out for it.

    Claire :}

  6. Love your (re)discovered Blankie. The colors are so brilliant and the finished blankie will be so lovely. It will be a cheery cosy wrap!!!
    Good find, xoRobin❤

  7. Your knitted blanket looks great. I think it is a mitered square design, which are so interesting to make. Love the colors.

  8. You need to finish that, it's beautiful.

  9. Gorgeous blanket. I'd put aside all my knitting (almost all) once I discovered crochet too. I still love the look of knitted items though.

    Lunch sounds yummy, I love S&P calamari!

    Kylie xx

  10. Ooh, that's lovely. I'd never have the patience for a knitted blanket, but this is beautiful!

    S x

  11. Love your pattern. If you ever find please share. Too bright and beautiful.

  12. Wow that's pretty!! Such great colors. I just found an unfinished christmas quilt from last year in the back of my closet. How does this happen?

  13. Oooh - do finish the blankie, it looks gorgeous already, great colours.

  14. That is really pretty - love the colors - glad you re-discovered it and are going to complete it.

  15. Hello and good morning :) Liked your blog so I`ll follow and stay in touch. Love that blanket - really happy cheerful colours. Have a great day :) Pam

  16. That blanket looks lovely - well worth bringing out of hibernation! The colours are gorgeous.

  17. The blanket looks great, and definitely deserves not to be shoved in a closet. Good luck finding the pattern again!

  18. Hi Jules, now that is a great project to (re)discover! I love the bright colors and the square-traingle patwork design. Really inspiring!

    Love, Maaike

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  20. Such a beautiful blanket - love the colors! I am a new knitter and would love to do something like this as one of my first big projects. Is there a pattern you would share? I'd really appreciate it. Again - BEAUTIFUL work and colors - thanks for the inspiration!!!!

    1. Hi cheryl, thanks for the lovely comment, and yes I do have a pattern for this blanket, it is called the Magic Blanket or something like that because you join each square as you go. It was just a photocopied sheet of typing that my mum got from her knitting group, I am not sure whose design it is originally, I'll try and dig it up from the depths of my messy craft space, I know I haven't thrown it out so I will see if I can find it! If you email me I can send you a copy of it if you like. :) julie

  21. wow such a shame not to finish it
    I love it love the colours love the pattern too look how far you allready are!!

    keep up the good work

  22. Hi- I would love having the pattern also, if you have found it; I really love the blanket-it's beautiful !!
    My email is

    Thanks !!!


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