Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Holiday Tuesday......

Finished the shadow boxing, wall paper all stuck down and ready for a wall.

Hi there.

The school holidays are with us here and I have big grandiose plans about all the things I am going to achieve while the boys are home and our busy life is a little slower. Yeah. Right.
It is already Tuesday and the 'post on blog everyday' plan is behind schedule. Sigh.

I will try to improve myself over the next 2 weeks, I want to finish a heap of things that are nearly ready for my shop, so I can actually get them into my shop and out there in the big wide web world.

There are several family birthdays around this time , so I am busy making little somethings to go with their presents, and I want to add about 40 cm to my stripey blanket along the way too.

Just as another distraction, after lots of frustrating computer says no moments,
we decided our computer needed upgrading, so we are now the proud owners of an iMac, I have to say I LOVE it and am wasting a fair chunk of time discovering all the fab stuff it can do. Hopefully this is the end of my computer problems with blogger too.

The weather has gone freezing and I think I'll go ands make a nice cosy fire and do a bit of knitting while the boys are occupied with their mates.

Just to show that all is not completely lost, I did manage to finish off my little shadowbox project, I think it is looking quite pretty, and once it is home to some of my crochet creations I think it will be complete.

I am going to try and post my holiday progress every day or so, if I can book time on the computer, it is quite popular with the boys too.
So this week we are getting haircuts, attending a cousins birthdays, going to the movies, maybe a bushwalk (weather doubtful), having an extended family lunch, lots of playing with friends that just pop over, baking our hearts out, and I think I will give my craft room/area a bit of a make over if I get time.

What do you have on the go at the moment?


  1. Your shadow box has turned out really well. Good luck on your school holiday plans! You'll probably only get about a quarter done unless you are super organised and that isn't the point of holidays is it!? Guess what? I saw a picture of one of your kitty cat toys on Pinterest yesterday!
    xXx Helen

  2. Hey Jules, your shadow box is just brilliant.
    Can't wait to see it displaying all your makes............

    Good luck with the "POBE" plan. Look forward to hearing what you're up to. Enjoy the hols and don't to have a bit of 'feet up' time.......sounds like you're going to be quite busy.

    Think I might put another log on the fire too, has been very windy and chilly here in the North East too.

    Claire :}

  3. Your shadow box looks really great. I love your granny blanket too - I really like the way you are alternating granny clusters with the more solid stripes. Great colours too.
    Good luck with the school holiday!

  4. Tu caja de la sombra te ha quedado preciosa, me encanta.
    Un saludo.

  5. Oh my, this is fab. And will look simply gorgeous with your little jam jars in!
    I love the crochet goodies here, so am your newest follower to keep up with your clever ideas!
    If you have time, do pop over and visit my end of bloggy-land- I love all things crochet and crafty too.


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