Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Camera love.....

look at these brilliant colours!!!

......been playing with my camera and the photo editing on the imac.......

.............loving how I can pump up the colour saturation and lighten everything up....... and change the 'temperature' of a picture, I like the cool end of the spectrum.........

.........I think it's going to be hard to use a 'normal' photo again!! At last I think I will be able to get those beautiful bleached out vibrant effects that I see elsewhere on the internet ...
sorry if you guys all know this stuff, I'm a bit behind the times I think.

...back to my new favourite time eater.......
see you tomorrow!


  1. I think you've done a beautiful job with those colours - photography's definitely not my strong point yet. But you have just motivated me to start exploring myself.

  2. Gorgeous! I wish I knew how to take nice pictures. I blame my camera. Now matter how much I experiment it's never the same.

  3. I also love beautiful pictures and it is just amazing what a little bit of tweak can do to make the experience so much better. Love the colour, but it is sometimes a lovely time-eater! ENJOY playing with your photos! Have a good week. Carina x

  4. They look great!
    Have fun. ( I spend houuuurs playing with this sort of thing!)


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