Thursday, July 21, 2011

Having a little bit of playtime....

I have found this interesting website where you can make mosaics of your photos and other fun stuff, and started having a bit of a play, so here is one of some crochet projects from the last 12 months. I have shown these photos at other times so sorry if you have seen this stuff before.

(a rare double post today!!)


  1. That's so funny, I was just thinking about doing a mosaic of all the stuff I've knitted since I started a year ago and had no idea where to find such a program. Thanks for doing my home wrok for me and I loved looking at all your work together like that. So colourful and fun.

  2. Thank you so much for this link!!Your mosaic looks amazing!!I can look at it for hours and not get bored!!

  3. your mosaic looks wonderful! This is also a good idea for a year's end review, I'll have to bookmark this!

  4. You colorful mosaic is scrumptious! I love your blog and am so happy to have found it!

  5. Oh have got to check that out, your mosaic looks amazing, so much creativity, gorgeous :)

  6. Hey Jules, that's Kate I was thinking about making a mosaic and wondering, how, where............

    Shall have to give this a whirl as it looks like fun and is one way of putting up lots of pics and not having a super long post.

    Thanks for the linky dink......have a great weekend,

    Claire :}

  7. your crochet is just so bright, beautiful and inspiring!!! I love LOVE love the colours you use together!! I want a blanket like the one you are making... but alas, I can only do a granny square...haha. Maybe one day I can learn to do a straight

  8. i know it's been a while since you've added this post but i've stumbled across your blog today. i just can say wow!!!! sooooooooo many awesome ideas and crafts!!!!! and thanks for posting the link to the mosaik thingy!

    greetings from austria, carina


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