Monday, June 6, 2011

Kitty Cat Tutorial/Pattern .....Part 2

This is the second part of my tutorial to make my granny square softie kitty Cat.
We have made the front and back body pieces in part 1, now is the relatively simple bit of making the arms, legs and face and putting it all together.

Face :
3.00mm hook, 8ply wool.
Make 2 round circles for eyes.
Ch 3, join with sl/st to create ring.
Rd 1 : ch2, 10 hdc into ring, join with sl/st to 2nd ch, bind off. (11 st)
Rd 2 :Join new colour, ch2, 1 hdc into same st, then 2 hdcs in each st, join with sl/st to 2nd ch. bind off. (22 st)
Rd 3 : Join new colour, ch 2,* 2 hdc in next st, 1 hdc in next st, * repeat around circle, join with sl/st to 2nd ch . Bind off.

Make 2 and these are the eyes.

To make a nose , do the same thing in one colour only and using 1 ch beginnings and scs around circle. It makes a smaller circle.

Pin the eyes and nose in place on front piece, and sew on. I use blanket stitch for the eyes, and just a straight stitch for the nose, but you can do what ever you like. I chain stitch some whiskers and a mouth, and voila! a face is done!

Legs :
Make 2 .
Ch 4, join with sl/st to form ring.
Rd 1 :ch1, 9sc into ring, join with sl/st to 1ch.
Rd 2 :ch1, 1sc in same place, then 2 sc in each st, join with sl/st to ch1.
Rd 3 :ch1, *2sc in next st, then 1sc in next st* continue in this pattern around, join with sl/st to ch1.
Rd 4 :ch1, 1scin each st around, join with sl/st to 1ch.
Continue for 6 more rounds, then change colour.
Continue till leg is desired length. bind off.

Arms :
Make 2.
Arms are made the same as legs, just starting with 8sc into the ring instead of 9sc, and made a bit shorter.

When you have your arms and legs done, and the face sewn on, it is time to sew it all together.

Pin the front and back piece together, right sides facing. Try and match up the stitches down the sides, as this gives a neater finish. Stitch around the cat, leaving an opening for stuffing at the bottom. Turn right side out, stuff and sew up opening.
Stuff each arm and leg, pin in position and sew into place. (Sorry, I forgot to take pictures of this bit!)

And that, my friends, is how I made my granny square kitty cat!!

There is plenty of room for improvisation in this pattern, so have fun!


  1. Thanks for this great tutorial.

  2. Thanks for wonderful tutorial.I love your blog.

  3. Love the kitty! How do you chain stitch the face? Chain stitch then sew it on? Sorry to be dence. Thanks!!

  4. I made one and I love it! Thanks!!

  5. That's so cute :) Thanks for the tutorial :)

  6. THANK YOU, thank you, THANK YOU!!! Your little Kitty is AWESOME. I hope to make one by Christmas. Oh, and writing directions is one of the hardest things to do. Happy Thanksgiving. Cynthia Bell

  7. A BIG question for you: how do you make your stitched sides look so even and beautiful? Is there a "trick" to knowing where to place the hook when making seams? Mine seem to look so ragged, whether they are exposed seams or ones turned inside - the stitches always show and look just so awful. Any suggestions or directions to a tutorial or resource would be SO very appreciated. Thank you!
    LOVE your work!

  8. This is just so cute! I can't wait to make it. Thanks so much for the pattern


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