Thursday, June 2, 2011

Family Matters....

Ok, this probably won't be of interest to all you crafty ladies, and I know I said I'd be posting part 2 of the tutorial ( it is still on it's way), but I had to have a litttle family interlude to celebrate my middley turning 13 today. The camouflage kid in the photo above, taken about 5 years ago ( haven't gone digital with the baby photos so this is as far back as I could find), is now officially a teenager! Yikes, now we have 2 wonderful teenagers under our roof!
Here he is, taken more recently, he still looks pretty much like this today (hair a bit longer and scruffier).
So happy birthday sweetheart, may all your dreams come true!


  1. Hi
    Happy bday to your teenager! Found your blog via Meme Rose and just thought Id say hi. Love your softies, such fab colours!

  2. Time passes so quickly doesn't it?

    Happy birthday to the newest teenager in the household. Hope it was a wonderful birthday and here's to a wonderful year ahead.

    Hope you're all enjoying Winter down there.

    It's been 19deg the last two days!!! But a cold snap with rain on the way.
    Better go and put another log of wood on the fire. Have a great weekend.

    Claire :}

  3. Hi, I can't remember how I got here but it's nice to meet you.
    Happy birthday to your new teenager (and love the long hair). My eldest just had all of his chopped off :(
    Off for a pootle around your blog now x


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