Friday, April 22, 2011

Remember this.... something has actually been finished!!

Hi there!!

Oops, over a week since the last post, where did that week go! Holidays seem to run at triple speed compared to 'normal' time in this house, the days are eaten up at break neck pace and before you know it a week has gone, it's Good Friday, and I haven't even sat at the computer!

Anyhoo, I do have something pretty awesome (I think) to share with you today......
remember I picked this little grubby cabinet up at a market ages ago, and it has been sitting on our front porch for many months waiting patiently for me to get my act into gear and 'fix it up'...... well I am pleased to report that the little cabinet has been given the special treatment and has finally taken up residence at our house !!! Yay!!

So what follows is a pictorial feast of colour and one extra special little cabinet, I hope you get as much enjoyment from the experience as I did from arranging my stuff on her!!
(probably not possible, as I realllyyy got a kick out of this little piece of furniture, bit sad I know!)

Placed in her new home, (already looking good even empty), you likey the paper backed shelves?....

.....did a nice little colour change inside the cupboard, and got to pick a different paper for in there.......

....filling up....

....filling up.....(the crochet jars have found their perfect place I think)...

....and full....!!!!

My collection of kitcheny things looking very spiffy.......

...gotta love the spots and stripes...... can see the paper a bit better here...

I love the cool fifties vibe of this sweet heart!!! And being able to see all my nice stuff any time I glance that way, makes me feel happy and satisfied with myself (pathetic I know!)

......lovely splayed legs.....

.....and here she is, right at home in my sunny room with the shadow box above, all looking colourful and making me extra extra happy!!!

Thanks for indulging me and my new/old cabinet, it is amazing what a bit of paint and time can do!...and sorry for the photo over load, I couldn't choose which ones to show you so put them all on!

We have been doing other things this week as well, but I have to admit finishing this project and seeing her in our house has been the icing on the holiday cake!!

I have been making progress on the crochet owls (show you next time), and been hanging out with the boys, driving them to their mates places and to work, (yes, Jesse my15 year old has a part time job that he is enjoying, so he is out in the big wide world earning for himself, good on him!!).

Hope you all have a great Easter break and have a chocolate feast!


  1. Hey Jules, what a fabulous makeover you have performed on this cabinet.

    It looks great with all your stripey, polka dot, kitcheny, china. I would be smiling too if I owned it, such a nice cheery piece of furniture and I love those chairs the 'mystery man' is relaxing in.

    Holidays always seem to fly by dont' they?...........

    Look forward to seeing your crochet owls and congrats to Jesse, getting out and earning the dollars.

    Enjoy your weekend,

    Claire :}

  2. Wow Jules, this looks so stunning . The colours are fantastic and I love the style. I adore your colourful bowls too. No wonder you are happy I always think it is so much more satisfying to revamp an old piece that others would not have seen the potential in , than buy new :0)
    Clever you.
    Jacquie x

  3. What a great cabinet. I love the colours and paper you use and with your kitcheny stuff all looks very well together.

    Have a great day.

  4. Wow, the cabinet looks fab!!

    May I take this opportunity to let you know how you and the other ladies on my blog roll have inspired me to create my own and invite you to take a look:

    It was late last year that I discovered blogs. I knew they were out there but I didn't really "get" it. Then someone gave me the link a blog as they thought I would appreciate her style. Soon after I joined Blogger and learned how to follow all my favourite blogs.

    My list grows by the day and I love to sit with cup of tea to hand to see what my favourite online ladies have been up to. Of course after becoming an avid blog reader it was inevitable that I would want a blog of my own and so "Shabby Chic Sarah" was born.

    After feeling a bit ambivalent about the whole blogging thing to begin with I am becoming increasingly obsessed!!

    One of the things I enjoy about it is it it makes you stop and think a moment about things in your day that might otherwise go unnoticed as you are constantly looking out for things to share.

    Hope you have a lovely Easter....

    Kind regards,

    Sarah :0)

  5. Ooooh it is lovely :) such a piece of art:) The colors are so happy !
    I am looking at it "before"! You did a great job!
    Happy Easter!

  6. Your cabinet is positively gorgeous! You should definitely feel accomplished.. and should not feel silly at all for being over the moon!

  7. I love it. I absolutely love it! What a wonderful sunny place to be. It makes me want to redo my entire place. :)


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