Monday, April 25, 2011

Anzac Day....

It is Anzac Day here today , so Gary was home and we had a nice family day not doing much.

It is also Max's 11th birthday tomorrow and we are having a little party, well, it was supposed to be a little party but somehow when I counted the number of people coming, I get 30 people, a mix of adults and children, but still 30 people! So I really should have been getting organised today, but the day just kind of slipped away from me!

I have just made cupcakes and they are rising so nicely I just had to take a picture for you, at least we will have cakes! (and I've made a birthday cake as well ).

I think I'll have an early morning tomorrow and make sausage rolls, fairy bread and pea and ham soup. Then I had better clean the house up!
We are having a BBQ for the main bit so that is easy. We are supposed to have beautiful weather tomorrow ,so I thought we might set up a bit of a garden party and eat outside, probably for the last time before winter sets in.
If it looks any good I'll try and take a picture and show you all.

Just thought I'd pop a little picture of the granny owls progress, I've actually done more than this and sewn the front and backs together, but it is a bit dark to take a piccy.
Anyhow, you can get the idea how they are looking from this photo.

So I'll be having a big fun day tomorrow celebrating my baby hitting 11, hope you have fun too!


  1. Cupcakes, pea and ham soup, granny owls and birthdays.

    Lots of yummy things going on at yours Jules. Have a great day tomorrow,
    Babies's and birthdays.... .... mine's up for one on Thursday, ooh, time gets away.

    Enjoy your garden party,

    Claire :}

  2. Sounds lovely but pray tell what is fairy bread? I am intrigued - although I can't spell it. lol.

  3. Hope you had a wonderful day. Wasn't the weather just glorious?! I have been having a look at the groups on Ravelry and found a local one This might be up our alley!


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