Wednesday, March 9, 2011

More things to dangle....

Hello, how has your day been?

I have had a nice day with my little niece, crafting and visiting the Community garden and doing a bit of shopping.....

...and this is what I have been finishing off today. These little flags are for a lovely bunting, another hanging thing, I seem to be drawn to them! I have limited the colour palette for this one, trying to be a bit more boyish with the blues and greens, but I still think it looks nice and fresh and appealing. They look a bit more washed out in the photos than in real life.

I have stitched all the circles onto the plain flags and I think it has come up quite well.
I have crocheted a rope to join them all together, and they are all finished!
Should have a ta da picture tomorrow.

Have a great day/night!


  1. Hey Julie, love the colours, lotta knittin' goin' on there.
    Actually, when I first saw them my immediate thought was beach huts.....
    Seaside colours, etc., love the little crocheted circles.
    They will look fab hung up somewhere........

    Is it raining down your way? Going to be a wet couple of days here.

    Claire :}

  2. Love those seaside colors...

  3. What a fab idea, this is so cheerful!


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