Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Day 3 - Stash storage, or lack of.... KCBWDAY3 (tonight) it is all about stash organization and storage I think.
I don't actually have any system or special space for all my yarn. I do have a lot of yarn, it seems to be breeding in bags and behind the couch!! It is in baskets under my work bench and in big plastic zip up bags that used to have doonas in them.

I tend to keep my favourite colours in the baskets, and the bags have wool I've bought and then forgotten what I intended to do with it. I don't have that many books or patterns yet, but I keep the few I have on the coffee table so I can look at them whenever I want.

I am quite the impulse shopper, so often come home with way more wool than I need/or have ideas for, and this is allocated to some future point when I have a great idea for just that type of beautiful wool! (Quite often I find I have already got lots of the same yarn squirrelled away, because I was thinking the same way 6 months ago, and have forgotten all about it!!haha)

I have decided for this reason to get out my stash and look at all the beautiful wool and get reinspired and reacquainted with what I have, I am sure there are plenty of projects to keep me going for ages!!

Sorry there are no photos today, I've left it too late to take any but I will take some of my stash and show you another day.
Have a great day!!


  1. It's funny ... I have a fabric stash (and I only realised how big that stash was when I came to pack it all up for moving!!), but I don't have a yarn stash! I tend to buy for specific projects and then use it all up and then find the next project. I've obviously got to get better at yarn shopping!!

    One of my problems is being completely useless at estimating how much yarn I'll need if I don't know what I'm making with it ... and sometimes even when I do (emergency trips to my LYS hoping they've still got a ball or two left of whatever colour I just ran out of!). It's just easier with fabric!!

  2. I seem to either buy too much yarn or not enough. I have stuffed most of my yarn into the bottom of a cupboard but then as you say, you end up forgetting what you've got. A nice glazed cabinet would display it all nicely and make it easily accessible, don't you think?! x

  3. I have found the best way to keep up with my stash is to list them all on Ravelry. You can take a photo of the wool too and add it to the yarn descriptions so that you can see exactly what you have. You also don't tend to forget what you have as much when you have typed in all of the relevant data and added a photo... But it won't help you to stop making impulse buys of yarn!

  4. I was really inspired by all of the posts I've read from others about getting their stash organized on Ravelry (like Sweet Seahorse already mentioned). So I took an hour and finished doing this myself today for the yarn that I had available to me.

  5. Hey Jules, didn't realis I had a yarn stash till visitors prompted a tidy up in the spare bedroom (read fabric/yarn/stuff room !)
    Forgot I had inherited my mum's yarn stash too. Doona bags are a great you can fit loads in them and see exactly what you have got.

    Good luck with the organising.......

  6. bellissimo e dolcissimo!!!!!!
    ti seguo sempre con grande simpatia ... brava!!!!


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