Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Creative Space....vines today I am supposed to be concentrating on bringing some order to our home, think heavy day of housework - washing, ironing, bathrooms, floors the whole shebang.

Umm... instead I am hooking a long chain and joining all my little flowers onto their vine.
It wasn't a really hard choice.

I do feel guilty and self indulgent though, so I might even get the housework done later, stranger things have happened.

Have a looksie at some super creative spaces at Kirsty's place over here.

Have a great day!


  1. It's not a hard choice is it? Your flowers and vine look really great!

  2. So beautiful and very clever...they remind me a little of my passionfruit vine covered in flowers!

  3. It's beautiful :) Love it!

  4. Not a hard choice at all!

    And think of it this way: you've produced a gorgeous vine of flowers, written and photographed it all and maybe even inpired someone else.

    You made the right choice!!! (And, oh, I wish I could crochet *sigh*)

  5. I think you made the right choice! Love the look of what you're hooking there, looks beautiful... could you tell me what type of yarn you're using please? I'm new to crochet and only really used cheap double knit and chunky and want to splash out on something nicer!

  6. Jules, just fill the house with gorgeous crocheted vines and flowers and no one will ever notice that the housework isn't done ...........
    Looking great, you've inspired me, I'm thinking Autumn leaves, hmmm.....Will have to give this some serious thought, have a great weekend.

    Claire :}

  7. who needs to worry about housework when you can have such beautiful vines!


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