Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas swap arrives!

Isn't the bloggy community ace? I took part in the Christmas washer and tea swap organised by Jodie at Jellywares recently and sent my parcel off last week, so I hope it arrived where it was supposed to! ........and yesterday I received my parcel in the post, and I was a very lucky girl!
Look at the lovely goodies that were in my swap package that came from Kylie of Indigo and Quince, I feel very spoilt!

......delicious tea - china lychee (sounds interesting!), Chai (yummo) and some gorgeous love heart compressed tea which I have never seen before so can't wait to try it!
......Also got some lovely Bloom paper soaps a great extras bonus pressie!

....and check out the beautiful christmas tree washer Kylie knitted for me, isn't she a clever thing!

...... I love this card that came with it, so cute! Straight to my pin board with this one I think!

Soooo..... thanks you so much Kylie for the fantastic swapping stuff, you're ace!

Swaps are so fun to take part in, I love putting together the parcel and sending it off, kind of hoping my swappie likes it , and then it is so fun to get a parcel in the mail!

Hope the Christmas blur is starting to slow down a bit so you can all enjoy the holidays and our very cool (so far) summer!

I have made a table center thingy for Christmas that I will try and photograph today and post tomorrow ( or whenever I can squeeze a turn on the computer from my boys who are such computer hogs!). It is nothing too special, just a bunch of sticks with dangly things off it really, but I think it looks kinda cute.
Have a good day!


  1. So glad it arrived! And especially glad that you love it! Peace and joy to you and yours this Christmas Jules! Kx.

  2. oooh look another green washer for you in a swap!
    I love the whole swap thing too.
    Hope the holidays are fun at yours so far.


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