Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Catching up.........

oops! Over a week since my last post, that time just flew! It has been quite busy round here recently and I don't feel like I was home that much last week, and when I was I had lots of things on my to do list, and blogging got put on the do-it-later list! I think there would be lots of you like me at this time of year, there seems to be so many get togethers and end of year things to do, that normal routines go out the window!

Surprisingly then, around all the Christmas parties and end of school things, I have managed to do a fair bit of creating.....

.....these are the start of some more knitted bunting, this time just in cool colours (maybe for a little boy)....

.......I have made another Pippi scarf that is nearly finished, this time with a blue edging. I'm trying to finish it for a Christmas present so I have been clickety-clacking with the needles like a mad woman!

......also had a go at a couple of the super cute decorations that Lucy from Attic 24 showed us how to make. So just got to finish them off too, and then they might go to teachers for chrissy pressies. ( only got a couple of days left for that one, so it could also just be a box of choccies!)

.....and I made a couple of Christmassy washcloths for the Christmas swap I signed up for over at Jellywares, I hope my swap partner Likes them! Got to get them in the post by tomorrow, so have to get cracking on the finishing off there too! Yikes!

Hope you are all having a fun time at this stage of the year, I find it is very hectic and busy, but also very exciting and joyous and there are the summer holidays just around the corner! Yay!!
Ok, got to run! Have a great day!

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  1. What a lovely selection of things to share -- I love the washcloths.Really enjoyed popping into your bit of Blogland!
    Kindest Regards Linda


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