Sunday, November 21, 2010

17 years and counting.....

The Boys and I, Winter 2006.

Feeling a bit nostalgic this weekend, It was our 17th wedding anniversary yesterday, and I'm wondering what we've done with all that time and where has it gone! 22 seems like a long time ago, but then the 17 years has gone quick as a wink!

This photo was taken in 2006, so only 4 years ago, but our family has done so much growing in that time. Gary was designated photogragher for this one so missed out on being in the family shot.
Back then the boys were happy, even excited, to hang out with us and go on little weekend family adventures, I feel that those days are nearly gone now and the time we have as a family unit is running through my fingers.. ....

Jesse is nearly 15 now(and taller than me) and friends are the main priority at the moment, so it is hard to fit into his busy social schedule, Facebook is such a time consumer!
Andre, now 12, is happy to do family stuff as long as it is something he wants to do, starting high school next year might soon change that a bit.(the skate park is becoming the destination of choice...hmmmmmm).
Luckily I might have a few good years of Mumming stuff with Max, who at 10 and the baby, is still looking for some good quality parent time. ( thank goodness)

This is them last week. (Sorry, crappy phone photo)

I can hardly recognize them! 4 years doesn't sound like much but things change so fast while your children grow up, it isn't long before they go out into the big wide world and they're not yours exclusively anymore. I know this is how it should be, and that we are creating independent, happy, well adjusted human beings, but I still miss those family activities that are no longer cool.
Do I sound a bit sad? I have to admit I'm feeling a bit sad.

Oh well..... I know we are lucky in that our boys are healthy, happy, bright kids who could be anything they like, they are safe in the knowledge we will always be here for them with welcoming arms, and probably a chocolate caramel slice!

Ok, time to stop wallowing and making myself emotional! I say well done to Gaz and myself- 17 years is a fair whack of time, that has gone sooooo fast! Heres to the next 17 babe!

Hope you all had a good week end!


  1. What a wonderful post! I have 4 brothers so it was all very familiar to me seeing how they grow and change(although my brothers are all older than me). Oh, and I forgot to mention how handsome they are! But you know that....a very lovely family.

  2. WOW they do grow so quickly don't they? They look really wrapped about the second photo haha. Typical kids!


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