Sunday, October 24, 2010

new project.......

Blogtober 24th

I started a new blankie last night, the beautiful hexagon granny blankie! It's not like I don't have enough on the go already, but I couldn't wait any longer to have a go at this lovely pattern in my Japanese crochet book. I have chosen a softer colour palette for this blanket. It looks a bit washed out in this photo, the colours are slightly brighter in real life (I still want it to have a fair bit of zing!).

I'm going to get cracking and do a few more hexies tonight, and contemplate what to do with my 12yr old who quite proudly told me about his 'unreal' afternoon today with his mate climbing all over their school roof! I don't seem to be able to convey how seriously this little escapade could have gone wrong. He, of course is immortal, and broken bones, wheelchairs, or brain damage could never happen to him; he is farrrrr too careful! The concept of an accident seems foreign to him, I tried to explain that people don't mean to have them, that's why they're called accidents!
I think I'll be keeping him close to home for a while. It is hard to know how much freedom to give, but I think he as had a bit too much recently!

Anyway, that's a child's job isn't it - to give us gray hairs! I think I'll also try and channel his adventurous streak into something not quite so dangerous, maybe rock climbing or something!

Bye, have a good night!


  1. Nice start on the hexagons! I started one ages ago but got carriede away with other things so look forward to seeing this finished! Your blogtober posts have been great, i'm loving the bunting with the different patterns!

  2. That's beautiful - I love the colours too! :)

  3. Pretty hexagons - nice and colorful. :)

  4. An ambitious but beautiful new project. The colors are so nice.


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