Monday, October 25, 2010

at my house.....

Blogtober 25th I spent the morning turning this............

...into this, ready to plant some summer stuff and mulch.......

...and cleaning this one up so......

... the strawberries underneath have a chance to flourish in the sun!
Still a long way to go in the Spring clean up , but we are on the way!


  1. and cleaned up the garden a bit just before winter ;)
    funny !

  2. Wow - your garden is definitely coming together ... I can't wait to get out and about in mine! :)

  3. What a productive day, that is one of the best things about gardening - you can always see where you've been and enjoy the rewards of your hard work :)

  4. oww, my back aches just looking at how much work you have done !
    doesn't that borage just take over !

  5. It looks great and I bet you feel great looking at the garden now, it's a nice feeling getting out there and getting ready for summer.:)


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