Thursday, October 14, 2010

My creative space #9.....

Blogtober 14th

......turning my little crochet circles into buttons. I am having fun embroidering these and doing the tiny crochet. It's a bit slow because I'm still trying to work out how to stop the threads all tangling on the back when I do the flowers. Never mind I'm sure it will get quicker as I go along.
They turn out really cute. (I think.)

See what others are doing in their creative spaces over at Kirsty's.
Have a great day, (it's nice to post early in the day instead of my recent 10pm efforts!)


  1. What a great idea. They are really nice.

  2. i agree- i think they are so cute and adorable!

  3. Love the colours - well done.

  4. what a delightful idea - they have sticthed up a treat - please do post the finished item - would love to see them.
    your colour selection is nice and fresh - very Spring :)

  5. They are just Darling!!!
    Beautiful work :)

  6. Oh my they are lovely! I am yet again wishing that I could sew.


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