Friday, October 15, 2010

ho hum......

Blogtober 15th

Not much to report today... completely miserable outside, I let my 2 younger ones stay home from school today as they both had minor complaints, usually would have sent them anyway, but today I thought a nice day snuggled up at home wouldn't hurt.
Trying to tidy up for a weekend family catch up with Gary's relly's who we haven't seen for many years. Lunch for 20 on Sunday, so need to get organised!
I also realised how much yarn I have in my stash! Trying to find a home for it all so I can start using it up! Time to get organised in that department too.
I'm wondering how many items you need ideally to start a little shop on Etsy or Madeit, what do you think would be a minimum?

Have a great day!


  1. I saw you on i crochet and what a lovely blog is this!!
    I'am going to follow you!!
    (sorry, my english is very bad)

  2. go madeit ! you'd only need a handful of those awesome buttons you showed yesterday - but the i'd keep them all to myself (and maybe the kids).
    geat stash by the way !

  3. ooohhh look at that scrumptious yarn!
    I've got a madeit & etsy store, you can start with just a couple of things & just add things as you make them :)

  4. Oh you did the same thing I did yesterday, sorted out half of my yarn stash. You have some very pretty yarn there. Madeit sounds like a great idea!

  5. Well it may be miserable outside, but how WONDERFUL it is inside!! You have a truly lovely stash. (Found you on iCrochet.)


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