Saturday, October 30, 2010

Blogtober 30th

well it's nearly the end of Blogtober, and I am kind of glad! I have been finding it hard to find something interesting to blog about recently. I have come to the conclusion that my life is just not that interesting/eventful/creative! I think I am too run of the mill to have something worth writing about every 24 hours! My family are pretty normal ( my youngest has just read this and tells me quite indignantly that he is not normal, apparently he takes it as an insult!) and I feel I am really the only one who would find their daily activities interesting! But they want to be in the blog so I will probably try and find their most exciting, excellent adventures to tell you about!

Soooooo.... although I have enjoyed it, I'll be glad to finish Blogtober, and I apologise for the lack of riveting posts and a tendency to bore the socks off you! Having said that, it has become a bit of a habit and I am going to try and keep up posting as often as possible, so hopefully my life will take a turn for the exciting and memorable!

Anyway I thought I'd post this picture of my son holding his modified nerf gun, that he painted and sawed bits off this afternoon, he is very pleased with himself! It has been raining all afternoon here so we have been cooped up inside. Luckily I planted a heap of seedlings before it rained so they are getting a good watering in. The rain also meant I could finish my little flower garland project. I will take a photo tomorrow and show you, I am pretty pleased with it.

Hope you are all having a lovely weekend and not getting washed away!


  1. Oh boys! He looks very pleased. Can't wait to see your flower garland. As for having a hum drum life, I think you are in very good company there. Isn't that why we all blog? I've always found it to be of a bit of escapism. Most of us have kids, comittments, housework and work in many forms...nothing too glamorous about it but blogging ensures we have some downtime to be creative, perhaps inspire others and certainly get inspired ourselves. No socks getting bored off here!

  2. Keep on blogging and we'll keep on reading. We all get to wallow in each other's mundane times, good and bad times and enjoy it when something truly exciting turns up. Well done for October I'd say.


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