Thursday, August 19, 2010

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This is my super chunky scarf that I finished today! It kind of reminds me of a gushing waterfall of colours. It is made from some lovely Colinette chunky yarn and was wonderful to knit. I thought the different thicknesses in the wool might be a pain to work, but I didn't find it a problem, and I think the different weights of the yarn made the pattern more interesting. There is a lovely range of colours in this wool and I am really pleased with it - plus it is sooooo warm! The pattern is a rib variation with a ruffle edge, I found it on the internet somewhere ages ago, and I really like how it works up. (Haven't quite got around to figuring out how to add links to blogs - what a newb, but when i do I'll try and find it again and link to it)
Thought i would try and add this to the My creative space Thursday thing I came across on Kootoyoo. (figured out the linking thing I think! Yah!)

See how long and warm it looks and how the colours are slightly different on each end? (Thanks to Max for being a super model boy,I know it's not really cool modelling mum's hippy knitting but he did a great job and managed to smile for me!)

Lovely thick/thin multicolour wooly ribby goodness!

And just to finish off - finally a break in the rainy weather and my little niece Bianca and I did some flower picking and came up with this posy to take home for her mum (my sis). Such beautiful poppies, the colour is so vibrant and cheery, has to make you smile! Bea was pretty pleased with herself too!

Have a great happy day!

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  1. great job on the scarf, i agree, it does look more interesting with the different thicknesses of yarn. look at those beautiful flowers you have in your garden, aren't they just wonderful! and i do love the green in your kitchen too :)


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