Wednesday, September 25, 2019

hello, it's been a while! I've been knitting houses :)

Hello!  It's been a while since I've blown the cobwebs off my poor neglected blog, but I didn't realise it has been quite so long since the last post!!  Where has that time gone!  I am going to try (again) to get back in the habit of blogging, it is such a nice way to record what I've been making and other stuff.
So in that spirit, here's some little houses I have been having fun making recently. They are quite small, so will make good brooches or woolly pins for project bags, or very cute hanging decorations for the Christmas tree.
The lovely knitting pattern is by Julia Marsh at Hand Knitted Things , she has other cute house patterns too!

I made a couple of mods to the pattern to get the size I wanted, and I think it has worked well!
I used 2 strands of different 4plys to give a marled effect and get to the 8ply for the pattern, the yarns are mostly Jamieson Shetland wool.  I love the rustic nature of this wool, and there are heaps of colours to play with, so it's ticking all the boxes for this project!

These are destined for my Yarn Advent Boxes that I'm sending out in November, I've promised to include a few cute little extras and this is the first one I've made, they are kind of a surprise, but I doubt many people will read this far!

They have all their tails stuffed inside making them a little bit puffy. :)

So much fun playing with colour combos, and I really enjoyed embroidering the doors and windows!  

I have plenty of other things I need to share on here, so lets hope I get the blogging habit back and it becomes a regular part of my life again! 

Have a lovely day everyone, thanks for reading, it's been great to get posting again!


  1. Welcome back. The houses were a delight and such a wonderful array of colour.

  2. Those are adorable. I don't know if I could knit such small things. I can knit big things but small stuff is so much harder for me. The red and aqua house is my favorite.
    xx Beca

  3. Love your houses. I've just read another blog where someone has turned knitted hearts into keyrings. That might be an idea for some of the houses.

  4. I've patterns for some 3D crochet houses that I hope to get to at some point. I think they'd make a great little Christmas display. Yours are beautiful.

  5. missed your blog. Love the little houses.

  6. welcome back!
    very cute houses!
    looking forward to reading your blog again
    thanx for sharing

  7. Lovely colours. I made one for my hubby last year which was a replica of our house. I made it up as I went along and it was not dis similar to your versions. Keep knitting. Jo xx

  8. How lovey colorful houses, and what a good idea for a fine detail to put on bags etc! I wish you a lovley and colorful atumn! :-)

  9. Lovely knitting houses!
    Greetings from Marijke


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