Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Little Woollie Rabbits!

Hello everyone!
I hope you're having a good week, it's a beautiful day here and I'm making bunnies!  :)
I have had so much going on recently, (I've been trying to push myself out of my comfort zone and run more classes and workshops) it seems like my brain is always buzzing and full!
Organisation is not my strong suit, (as my sporadic posting over here shows! ) so I do find it quite a challenge to get everything ready for workshops.  I'm slowly getting slightly more comfortable with running workshops, I find if I keep my intro very short and we just get on with the making, I can enjoy the afternoon and just talk with people one on one. 
Anyhoo, that's just what  I've found seems to work well. :)

But I digress!  I was going to talk about this little bunny rabbit I've made for an amigurumi workshop on the weekend.  The girls all seemed to enjoy making him, and we ironed out a few pattern faults,  (thank you ladies!!) so I thought I would pop the pattern up for sale on my Ravelry pattern page for anyone who would like to make one too! Also, I think he would be a great little Easter bunny gift !

I made him out of Scheepjes Cahlista cotton, which is 10ply, and used a 3.5mm hook, so it's a nice tight fabric.  You could use an 8ply cotton with a 3mm or 2.5mm hook as well, and I have also made a small bunny with 4ply wool and a 2mm hook.  It is great for using up small amounts of yarn, so start stash busting!!

These bunnies don't take too long to make, you could probably whip one up in a couple of nights, so I think a whole bunny family is very doable. :)  The little satchel bag is also the perfect size for a mini chocolate egg.  I think I might make a couple of these for my nephews for Easter, I do have a lot of colour combos to try out!

Hope you all have a great day wherever you are in the world, and that you are getting some fun crochet time !  xxxxxxxx

PS I have a lot of crochet things on the go at the moment, I'm going to try and share them on here soon, I miss the record of makes that blogging gave when I was doing it regularly!


  1. This bunny is just the cutest lil fella!

  2. Oh, lovely. I miss you and your patterns, here in France ;)

  3. What a lovely colourful blog, and Easter Rabbit is very cute. I've been away from blogging for quite a while, deleted my blog, stopped reading all but two of my favourites, mainly for inspiration in the crafting department. But I've decided this year is one of writing, so I've done a refresher course in creative writing, even though I've had many stories and articles published, it was some time ago so good to get 'refreshed'. And time to do a new blog too. I shall look forward to reading more when you have time.


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