Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Retro Solid Granny Square Blanket - Tadah!

Hi there! 

I hope everyone is having a great day, I have a colourful post for you today! 
I have been hooking steadily away through January and I've actually finished my first project for 2017! Yay! :) That's pretty good going for me! 

This blanket was quite the speedy make, I seemed to have enough squares made in no time and then it was just a matter of sewing them all together and hooking a border up.  
I have to say that I loved working with the MoYa Caresse Aran Cotton, it was nice and textural and worked up fast with a 5mm hook.  The colours were all so beautiful and worked so well together all the combinations look great (well I think so anyway!) . I love that slightly washed out look of the MoYa palette, and the hand dyeing process leaves some nice subtle variations in the colours which I really like. (You can see this most in the border where there are a few rows of the same colour).

This has ended up about cot size, nice for a baby or lap blanket. 

So here's the nitty gritty: 
Yarn: MoYa Caresse Aran Cotton in 10 different colours
Hook: 5mm
Size: cot size (9 x12 squares) 

........this was when I was blocking the blanket after joining all the squares together, I thought about blocking each individual square, then decided to wait till they were all joined, it seems to have worked out ok.  It is quite a thick textured blanket, and i like the slightly puffy look to the squares....

 .....tadah!  All finished! 

....you can see how big it is all laid out on my table, not giant........

Onto the next thing now, it feels great to have something completely finished in under 6 weeks, I wonder if I can keep the momentum going and get the next one finished as quickly!  Not likely! :) 

Have a great day/night everyone, happy hooking!! 



  1. Tadaaa, indeed ! Congratulations, it is sooo cute (nd you were so quick!) LOVE it ! I now I can't wait seeing what your next project will be ... :)

    THANKS for the inspiration,
    In stitches,

  2. Phew! All those squares to sew together. I admire anyone who can do this. If I crochet a blanket, I avoid sewing by making a giant square. It is never as pretty as yours though.

  3. A stunning creation, love the colour palette you have chosen.

  4. Wow! Nice choice of colours.
    I like it al lot.
    Best wishes

  5. gorgeous blanket! lovely colours!
    thanx for sharing

  6. wow! this is a gorgeous blanket! lovely colours...

  7. What an achievement - well done you, and thanks for sharing.
    I wish we could get such lovely hand dyed yarns in the UK

  8. Very lovely! Have a great weekend!

  9. Could you please tell me how you crochet the squares together. Love it

  10. I love these colors. What a great job.

  11. It's so nice there's someone who loves cotton yarn as much as I do! What a sweet blanket! This would also look adorable in a gorgeous retro caravan casually thrown over one of the couches or beds! Beautifully made Julie!

  12. Beautiful blanket! and lovely colors together! I love the retro feel of the blanket, it would be perfect for a baby's room.

  13. You would have to be happy with this end result. Very cool, I love the tones and
    I'm loving the pattern itself. I haven't seen a square made like that before but I
    am fairly new to crochet. Great finish and I hope you keep going on that roll of getting
    things finished in good time.

  14. Very Pretty! I'm wondering if you are close to finishing another one by now...
    I'm keen to keep up with your news.

  15. Julie. How do you join the squares together given that they are different colours abutting ? Regards Tory

  16. wooow. It is very lovely. I love harmony in the color

  17. Beautiful! The palette is just gorgeous. As a beginner, I have no clue about putting together a blanket, or blocking, but you've done an amazing job! Obviously very talented.


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