Friday, January 6, 2017

Friday Finds #44

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Hello :)  
It's been a long time since I did a Friday Etsy Finds post, but here is it back again! 
I have found a lot of new shops on Etsy through Instagram, so I thought I'd share a few of these talented peeps! 

1. thedollsunique  I adore the whimsical dolls in this shop, all so individual and so so cute!  Beata is the creator of these beautiful dolls, I think she does an amazing job! 


2.  I love the interesting animals and the level of detail in the artwork of  AshleyPercival.  There are so many quirky art prints to be found in this awesome shop! 


3. I recently came across the gorgeous  patterns for felt embroidered decorations at mmmcrafts, this is the shop of Larissa Holland, she is in the process of producing a set of patterns for the 12 days Of Christmas, it is a work in progress, but the first 6 or 7 patterns are available at the moment.  I would love to make these for next Christmas, I think it will probably be an all year project! Aren't the beautiful! 


4. CraftywoolFelt This shop has a great range of colours in 100% wool felt, I'm keeping them in mind for when I start making my felt decorations! :) 


Thats it for today, I hope you all have a great weekend! 
I'm off to the Twilight Emu Plains Market tomorrow, although they are predicting a very hot day, 37C if they are correct, I am thinking of pulling out of the market if it's going to be that hot, I'll have to decide in the morning...... anyway, stay cool if you can in Melbourne, 



  1. Hi Julie,
    A happy new year to you and what a delightful way to start the year off with your Friday Finds.
    We've been having a scorching summer, haven't we? It was at least 39 degrees in Adelaide today and the forecast for tomorrow is 41! Have you done the markets on very hot days before? I would expect visitor numbers to be down at any outdoor market when the temperature is going to be over 35 degrees, although sometimes it can be quite tolerable outdoors if there is a breeze and shade available. Gum trees always seem to have some air movement around them; I am sure they create their own breeze by quivering their leaves. Good luck for a good market day, Julie.
    Wishing you ice blocks and maybe we should crochet some cotton ice vests! All the best for 2017. :-)

  2. Happy New Year! I love all of these little shops. What great ideas. If I start now, I think I could make or buy all hand made Christmas presents for next year! Thank you.

    Cindy Bee

  3. Gosh blimey that is hot! It has been -2 over here in the UK in the past few weeks brrrrrr xx Love your new etsy shop finds. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Wow wee it's hot in your city! When I woke up PST, it was 50° in my house. Our California Bay Area has a storm coming this weekend which is why temperatures dropped from the high fifties/low sixties. But in the summer we can get high 90's. Love the handcrafted doll; I'm amazed to think about the time that went into it. And the embroidered felt ornaments are lovely. I haven't tried embroidery. Right now I don't have the attention span for handsewing but I have great respect for it.

  5. I love when you show your favourite easy finds. Happy new year to you x

  6. Your Friday Finds are among my favorites of your posts. I love when I see the title in Bloglovin. As for the Etsy crafters...I love the creativity, precision (those stitches!) and color! Happy new year.

  7. Those are some nice finds. I like the thought of the twelve days of Christmas project. I shall go take a look!


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